National Training Team


Conduct and/or monitor all MCRC courses pertaining to the function and performance of region, district, and recruiting station personnel; maintain systematic recruiting doctrine; and develop the career recruiting sales force in order to ensure Marine Corps Recruiting Command is postured and enabled to effectively and efficiently attract and recruit the required quantity, quality, and diversity of officer and enlisted personnel.



The National Training Team (NTT) conducts training courses to educate and enhance the abilities of newly assigned Marines within MCRC billets in all districts and regions. Courses are designed to familiarize students with their respective billet roles and responsibilities associated with recruiting operations in an effort to educate and enhance their abilities.

Each course will teach specific skills, develop management capacities, and collaborate on best practices in the recruiting environment.



Provide course specific training focused on preparing designated MCRC billet holders to effectively support the MCRC mission through their assigned responsibilities.

Marine Corps Recruiting Command