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Officer Naval/Enlisted Programs

The ON/E Section manages the NROTC program, all service academy Marine commissionings, and all enlisted-to-officer programs (including Warrant Officer Programs).  Below are links to application packages as well as all pertinent forms, requirements, and source documents.

E-O Programs


           E-O Commissioning Programs

Enlisted to Officer (E-O) contains four commissioning programs: Enlisted Commissioning Program (ECP), Marine Corps Enlisted Commissioning Education Program (MECEP), Reserve – Enlisted Commissioning Program (R-ECP) and the Meritorious Commissioning Program - Reserve (MCP-R).  Click on the following flyers for the basic requirements for each program:




For more information and complete requirements, read the E-O Order and current fiscal year board announcement MARADMIN.

To apply for one of the Enlisted to Officer (E-O) commissioning programs, download the application for the appropriate program.  Follow the guidance in the application carefully to complete your application.  Note: Your final submission must be in the same order as the revised checklist above.






Use the instructions and the following forms to complete your medical submission.

              Medical Submission Instructions

               DD Form 2807-1

              DD Form 2808

               Refer to the current board announcement MARADMIN for submission and labeling requirements.  All applications must be sent to e_oboard@marines.usmc.mil                                         ONLY AFTER THE APPLICATION IS COMPLETE, including signed endorsements.


Warrant Officer

Warrant Officer Programs

The Warrant Officer (WO) Program is designed to provide the Marine Corps with technical specialists who perform duties that require extensive knowledge of a particular Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), and can be assigned successive tours of duty in their primary MOS.  Read the following publications to learn more: SECNAVINST 1412.9BMCO 1040.42AMARADMIN 030/19 (WO Regular)MARADMIN 070/19 (WO Reserve)MARADMIN 149/19 (Marine Gunner).

To apply for one of the WO programs, begin with the application document for the appropriate program.  Read the instructions carefully and complete your application as directed.  Note: Your final submission must be in the same order as the checklist

            Enlisted to Warrant Officer Sample Application

Send your completed package to warrantofficerboard@marines.usmc.mil via encrypted email ONLY AFTER THE APPLICATION IS COMPLETE, including signed endorsements.  Attach the application package and medical submission as two (2) pdf documents titled ‘LNAME, FNAME MI WO Application’ and ‘LNAME, FNAME MI WO Physical’.  The subject line of the email should be: WO (Reg/Res/Gunner/Recruiter) Application ICO Rank LNAME, FNAME MI EDIPI/PMOS.   

MOS Criteria:


0160  0170  0205  0210  0306/  0306/  0306  0430  0803  1310  1390       1710 1720 2110  2120  2125  2305      2602      2805  3010      3102  3402  3408/  3408  3510  4130  4430  4503  4810  5502  5702      5804  5910-5950-5970  6004       6302       
6502  6604  6802  7002      7380

Frederick C. Branch (FCB) and Pedro De Valle (PDV) Scholarship Information
60- Day Preparation Letter OCC -234 Summer 20201.54 MBDownload
Accession to Active Duty SOU (Annex D)114.00 KBDownload
Addendum to Application for Handwritten Statement465.34 KBDownload
Annex A Sexual Harassment SOU82.81 KBDownload
Annex B Statement of Conditional Enlistment644.83 KBDownload
Aviation Sample Package467.11 KBDownload
Civil Relief Act Statement of Understanding (NAVMC 11494)452.57 KBDownload
CMC White Letter 2-17 Social Media Guidance - Mandator y Counseling Requirement65.28 KBDownload
Coronavirus Questionairre 44.61 KBDownload
DD Form 2807-1389.59 KBDownload
DD Form 2808643.51 KBDownload
DD Form 4 1 Enlistment Contract91.33 KBDownload
DD-368 Request for Conditional Release294.76 KBDownload
DD-369 Police Record Check40.53 KBDownload
Disenrollment From OCS Type Training DD Form 785261.72 KBDownload
Drug Statement Form 513.16 KBDownload
E-O Select POC information48.00 KBDownload
Fraternization Statement of Understanding929.84 KBDownload
Information Sheet w/ Privacy Act102.00 KBDownload
Marine Corps Policy Concerning Military Occupational Specialties (MOS)170.72 KBDownload
Marine Corps Policy on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment SOU (Annex A)414.92 KBDownload
Minor Traffic Page466.61 KBDownload
MOS Statement170.72 KBDownload
NAVMC 10418-2 (Certificate of Understanding Reasons for Disenrollment)36.37 KBDownload
NAVMC 11877 MECEP Ground Service Agreement1.74 MBDownload
NAVMC 11878 MECEP Student Naval Aviator Service Agreement1.74 MBDownload
Non-Traffic Arrest Form1.43 MBDownload
NROTC Cost Sheet (NSTC Form 1533-113)288.08 KBDownload
NSTC 1533-135 (04-17) - NROTC Scholarship Contract1.55 MBDownload
OCS Preship Checklist505.59 KBDownload
ON-E Waiver Approval Documentation Guide130.70 KBDownload
Privacy Act of Health Records (DD Form 2005)302.60 KBDownload
Restrictions of Personal Conduct SOU521.36 KBDownload
Security Clearance Verification Letter62.00 KBDownload
SUMMER 2020 Pre-ship Letter5.17 MBDownload
Tattoo Screening Form124.87 KBDownload
Tattoo Statement of Understanding Updated86.04 KBDownload
TBS Checklist290.29 KBDownload
Transcript Request Letter Format2.42 MBDownload
USMC Drug Policy Statement of Understanding930.26 KBDownload
Points of contact
  • Head, Officer Programs (OP): LtCol Isaiah Martinez
  • Deputy, OP: Mr. Mark Jovich
  • Operations Officer, OP: Capt Clifton Payton
    Clifton.payton@marines.usmc.mil  (703) 784-9868
  • Head, Officer Naval & Enlisted Programs: Capt Ethan Gusek Ethan.Gusek@marines.usmc.mil (703) 432-9649
  • Head, Officer Appointments: CWO3 Roger Lively
    Roger.lively@marines.usmc.mil  (703) 784-9638