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Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

Common sense, situational awareness, and trusting your instincts will reduce your risk of being sexually assaulted. Following the tips below will also decrease your chances of being attacked.

•If you consume alcohol, do so in moderation. Studies indicate that about half of all U.S. sexual assaults involve the use of alcohol by the offender, the victim, or both.

•Do not leave your beverage unattended or accept a drink from an open container.

•When you date someone, communicate clearly with that person to ensure he or she knows your limits from the beginning. Both verbal and nonverbal (body language) communication can be used to ensure the message is understood.

•If you go on a date with someone you do not know very well, tell a close friend what your plans are.

•You have the right to say "No" even if you:

•Say yes, but change your mind

•Have had sex with this partner before

•Have been kissing or "making out"

•Are wearing “provocative” clothing

•Always have extra money to get home. Have a plan for someone you can call if you need help.

•If you feel uncomfortable, scared, or pressured, act quickly to end the situation. Say, "Stop it" and leave or call for help.

•When you go to a party, go with a group of friends. Arrive together, watch out for each other, and leave together.

•Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

•Do not allow yourself to be isolated with a person you do not know or trust.

•Travel with a friend or in a group.

•Plan your outings and avoid getting into a bad situation.

•Walk only in lighted areas after dark.

•Keep the doors to homes, barracks, and cars locked.

•Know where the phone is located.

DoD Definition of Sexual Assault: Sexual assault is a crime defined as intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, threats, intimidation, abuse of authority, or when the victim does not or cannot consent. Sexual assault includes rape, forcible sodomy (oral or anal sex), and other unwanted sexual contact that is aggravated, abusive, or wrongful (to include unwanted and inappropriate sexual contact), or attempts to commit these acts.

-- Reference: DoDI 6495.02

DoD Definition of Consent: "Consent" means words or overt acts indicating a freely given agreement to the sexual conduct at issue by a competent person. An expression of lack of consent through words or conduct means there is no consent. Lack of verbal or physical resistance or submission resulting from the accused's use of force, threat of force, or placing another person in fear does not constitute consent. A current or previous dating relationship by itself or in the manner of dress of the person involved with the accused in the sexual conduct at issue shall not constitute consent. There is no consent where the person is sleeping or incapacitated, such as due to age, alcohol or drugs, or mental capacity.

-- Reference: DoDI 6495.02

DoD Definition of Sexual Harassment: A form of sex discrimination that involves unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal and physical conduct of a sexual nature when it interferes with the work environment. Sexual Harassment falls under Equal Opportunity (EO). Sexual Harassment is a crime punishable by under UCMJ. Sexual Harassment can lead to sexual assault.