The Command Recruiting Program (CRP) has provided the Marine Corps with over 15 percent of the total force enlistments annually.  Leaders in the operating forces are critical because of the awareness they bring to the program.  Support of the CRP has a lasting impact on the Marine Corps by helping to find future Marines.  Familiarize yourself with Marine Corps Order 1130.62C to learn how you or the Marines under your charge can participate. 


-Work with your recruiter in your home town without using leave* 

*Depends on the category of CRP you are participating in.

-Meritorious Promotion to Private First Class or Lance Corporal 

-Earn up to 100 bonus points for promotion to Corporal or Sergeant 

-Personal Awards (commendatory material) 

-Fitness Report Comments

- Extension of Leave and Special Liberty


    a. Command Recruiter

   -Permissive Temporary Additional Duty (PTAD) Enlisted

-Boot Leave

-Annual Leave or Liberty

b. Permissive Recruiter Assistant Program (PRASP)

c. Permissive Temporary Additional Duty (PTAD) Officer

d. Reserve Recruiter Aide (RRA)


-Depends on the category within the CRP; refer to Marine Corps Order 1130.62C.

-Must be approved by your chain of command.

Process to request:

          -Depends on the category you are within.

-Usually requested in Marine OnLine (MOL).

Where to begin:

-If interested, engage with the Marine Recruiter where you would like to participate in the CRP and  talk to your chain of command.