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Career Recruiters are superior recruiters who will serve to establish a cadre of professional recruiters with long-term assignments in key managerial billets to improve the management and effectiveness of the recruiting effort. These billets include Staff Noncommissioned Officer in charge, instructor, Operations Chief, training team member, and liaison billets. Career Recruiters can anticipate a minimum 3-year tour in assigned key recruiting billets and should anticipate transfer to another key billet upon the completion of a 3-year tour. Assignment of Career Recruiters is determined by the needs of Marine Corps Recruiting Command and the personal desires of the individual concerned.



Both first and second tour recruiters who are active duty or reservists serving in the Extended Active Duty Program (EAD) are eligible. Those who desire to become a career recruiter and have successfully completed district SNCOIC Course and are certified on the SNCOIC 1, 3, and 6-month evaluation process are eligible to submit an 8412 MOS Lateral move. The following criteria must be met:

  • Graduated from Basic Recruiters School with the Billet MOS 8411.

  • Be a Staff Sergeant or Gunnery Sergeant. Staff Sergeants and Gunnery Sergeants passed for promotion twice with more than 18 years’ time in service, and Master Sergeants will not be eligible for lateral move into the career recruiter MOS.

  • Have a Systematic Recruiting Inspection (SRI) completed by the recruiting instructor or district training team within 1 year of submission.

  • Have a District 8412 (NWA) Certification completed within 90 days of submission by the district training team chief. On a case by case basis, a district training team member can be delegated to conduct the District 8412 (NWA) Certification. This will be used to evaluate and make a final recommendation to the district commanding officer on the applicant’s mission/quality statistics, leadership overview and management of the SNCOIC seven primary responsibilities.

  • Meet height/weight standards and have a 2nd class or higher physical fitness test (PFT) and combat fitness test (CFT). No partial PFT/CFTs, limited duty, or medically excused applicants will be eligible to submit an application until fully medically cleared.

  • Have a current favorably adjudicated NACLC background investigation. A statement will be included in the RS endorsement to certify Marine’s status.

  • Meet requirements on NAVMC 11537, appendix (B). Qualified for independent duty in accordance with reference (l).

  • No negative 6105’s, NJP’s in grade or cases of substantiated recruiting complicity (malpractice or irregularity) as a canvassing recruiter or SNCOIC.


  • Stability for you and your family.

  • Special Duty Assignment Pay for the remainder of your career.

  • Meritorious Promotions Opportunities.

  • Develop transferable skills that align with the private sector: Sales, communication, coaching and counseling, etc.

  • Community network opportunities.

  • Opportunity to train and lead Marines from all over the Marine Corps.

  • Opportunity to influence and change the future of the Marine Corps.


MCRC Headquarters
  • 8412 MOS Monitor (MGySgt)
  • G-3 Operations Chief (MGySgt)
  • AOP Operations Chief (MGySgt)
  • National Training Team Chief (MGySgt)
  • National Training Team Member (MSgt)
  • MCRISS Operations Chief (MSgt)
  • Enlisted Recruiting Assistant Operations Chief (MSgt)
  • Officer Candidates School Liaison/Interviewer (MSgt)
  • Marketing Chief (MSgt)
  • School of Infantry Liaison (MSgt)
  • Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Recruiting Chief (GySgt)
  • Recruiters School Chief Instructor (MGySgt)
  • Recruiters School Operations Chief (MSgt)
  • Basic Recruiter Course Group Advisor (MSgt)
  • US Naval Academy Liaison (MSgt)
Region Headquarters
  • Training Chief (MGySgt)
  • Training Team Member (MSgt)
  • AC/S Operations Chief (MGySgt)
  • Enlisted Operations Chief (MSgt)
  • Recruit Liaison Chief (MSgt)
  • Recruit Liaison Interviewer (GySgt)
  • Assistant for Officer Procurement Chief (MSgt)
Marine Corps District (MCD)
  • Training Chief (MGySgt)
  • Training Team Members (MSgt)
  • Operations Chief (MGySgt)
  • Assistant Operations Chief / QC (MSgt)
  • Assistant for Officer Procurement Trainer (GySgt)
  • Assistant for Officer Procurement Operations (MSgt)
  • Marketing Chief (GySgt)
Recruiting Station
  • Recruiter Instructor (MGySgt/MSgt)
  • Operations Chief (MSgt/GySgt)
  • Assistant Recruiter Instructor (MSgt/GySgt)
  • Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) Liaison (MSgt/GySgt)
  • RS Officer Selection Assistant Chief (GySgt/MSgt)
  • Recruiting Substation SNCOIC (SSgt/GySgt)



Frequently Asked Questions

The 8412 MOS Road Map delineates recommended training, required training, billet assignments, and career progression that enhance a career recruiters competitiveness with their peers

Additionally, as a Career Recruiter, you can apply to become a Recruiting Officer (CWO2 to CWO5) MOS 4810. Recruiting Officers are experienced career recruiters who serve to provide a foundation of recruiting expertise at the recruiting stations, districts, regions, and headquarters.

From the approval date of the 8412 Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), you will remain at the producing Recruiting Station (RS) for a minimum of 24 months. Additionally you will remain at the same Recruiting Sub-Station (RSS) for a minimum of 1 year.

The date your 8412 package is approved in the system by Higher Headquarters is the date you are accepted into the ranks of 8412’s.

Challenges are met with rewards. The more challenged you are to succeed, the stronger team and family you will build. The rewards are knowing your Marines, Leading them, and watching them grow through their individual success stories.

Enter your contact information with any questions you may and submit the form below. This request will be sent to the 8412 MOS Monitor, Operations Chief, National Training Team Chief, Region Training Chiefs, and District Training Chiefs.

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