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Marine Corps Recruiting Command

Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va.

3280 Russell Road, 2nd Floor Quantico, VA 22134
General Information

The Officer Programs section of MCRC focuses on accomplishing the Marine Corps' Officer Accession goals and is comprised of three sections: Officer Appointments, Officer Naval/Enlisted Programs, and Operations.

Officer Appointments - The OA Section manages all administrative processing pertaining to officer candidates and new lieutenants (prior to reporting to TBS).


Officer Naval/Enlisted Programs - The ON/E Section manages the NROTC program, all service academy Marine commissionings, and all enlisted-to-officer programs (including Warrant Officer programs).  Applicants to Naval Programs should visit the ON/E page linked to the right and/or contact their local NROTC unit

Operations Section - The Operations Section works closely with OA, ON/E, and the Recruiting Regions to manage officer accessions.  Additionally, the Operations Section conducts liaison with external units/agencies regarding candidate/lieutenant medical and training requirements.  

Officer Candidates School

Marine Officer Applicants attend Officer Candidates School in Quantico, VA.  For more information about OCS, please visit the OCS webpage.  For more information about pursuing a commission as a Marine Officer, please visit MarineOfficer.com

The Candidate Pre-Ship Preparation Letter below pertains to Officer Candidates scheduled to attend the next scheduled OCS class.

Candidate Pre-Ship Letter

The Basic School

After earning a commission as a Marine Officer, all Officers attend The Basic School for additional training to prepare them for duty as a company grade officer.  For more information about TBS, please visit the TBS webpage. 


The TBS Checklist below pertains to all Officers scheduled to attend TBS.

 TBS Checklist

Aviation Information

There are multiple pathways for Marine Officer Applicants to pursue a career in Marine Aviation.  For more information regarding aviation-specific programs, please visit MarineOfficer.com or your local Officer Selection Officer (OSO).

As a pre-requisite for commissioning, officer applicants applying for an aviation program must take the Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB).  For more information regarding the ASTB, please visit the Naval Medicine Operation Training Center's (NMOTC) website.

Points of Contact
  • Head, Officer Programs (OP): LtCol Isaiah Martinez
  • Deputy, OP: Mr. Mark Jovich
  • Operations Officer, OP: Capt Clifton Payton
    Clifton.payton@marines.usmc.mil  (703) 784-9868
  • Head, Officer Naval & Enlisted Programs: Capt Charles Dowling, Jr.
    Charles.dowling@marines.usmc.mil  (703) 784-9446
  • Head, Officer Appointments: CWO3 Roger Lively
    Roger.lively@marines.usmc.mil  (703) 784-9638