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Serving as a Recruiter (8411) provides you with the
opportunity to inspire and transform America’s finest
and to shape the future of the Marine Corps.

  • This photo illustration poster is designed to inform and grab attention prospective recruiting volunteers.
  • Staff Sgt. Javeen Starks arrived at Recruiting Station Montgomery April 4, 2020 and currently serves as a canvassing recruiter with Recruiting Substation Prattville. Starks, a native of Columbus, Ohio, strives to change young men and women’s lives and provide them with the opportunities that can enhance their futures.
  • PORT RICHEY, Fla. -- As a child, Staff Sgt. Absalom Johnson moved often. When he graduated from Hercules High School in 2010, he was finally able to plant roots and become part of a community. He became a bank teller while also coaching high...
  • PENSACOLA, Fla. -- As schools and businesses scramble to adapt to the COVID pandemic, high school upperclassmen approach a less certain immediate future than recent graduating classes. Staff Sgt. Robert Harvell sees some parallels between their...
  • Staff Sgt. Gabriel A. Little, a canvassing recruiter with Recruiting Substation Mobile, Recruiting Station Montgomery, works at his RSS in Mobile, Alabama, Aug. 8, 2020, to guide young men and women in their pursuit of becoming Marines...

There is no greater feeling than to be a part of the first phase of sustaining the Marine Corps legacy. As a Recruiter, you will perform the noteworthy duties to seek out, influence, and shape the future of the Marine Corps.  This Special Duty Assignment will require a tremendous amount of leadership, resiliency, and influence. You will have the opportunity to inspire ordinary citizens to become extraordinary warfighters by serving in the World’s Finest Fighting Force. 

If you are looking to broaden your leadership/management skills and an opportunity to positively impact your career then recruiting is the path for you.


Volunteers choose their preferred RS location as long as they complete their request within the volunteering window.

Guaranteed  orders to a specific RS. These volunteers may have the opportunity to apply for new vacancies throughout the traditional “by-name process”, according to the MARADMIN. Also, if a requested RS is unavailable, program coordinators will contact the volunteer and assist them with finding an alternative RS of their choice.

Recruiting Sub-station assignments are designated by RS personnel and will be assigned during the Basic Recruiter Course.

Recruiting Station’s that no longer have availability will be labeled as “capped-out/closed” and volunteers will be informed by a Total Force Retention System message. Volunteers may have the opportunity to apply for new vacancies throughout the traditional “by-name process.”

If a requested RS is unavailable, program coordinators will contact the volunteer and assist them with finding an alternative RS of their choice.

For more information, refer to MARADMIN 309/23 & MARADMIN 428/23


Acquire several College credits towards furthering your education at Recruiter’s school

Communication Skills (3 Credits)

Marketing (3 Credits)

Public Speaking (3 Credits)

Sales Management (3 Credits)

Interviewing and counseling (3 Credits)

Earn valuable experience and certifications through the United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP)


Office Management


Annual opportunity for meritorious promotion (66 SSgt/24 GySgt)

Increased competitiveness for all subsequent promotion boards

Geographical location assignment incentive following a successful tour

Make a lifelong impact by recruiting the future of the Marine Corps

Many people talk about how inspirational they are; however, there are only a few who can turn their words into action – Recruiters don’t have that problem

Marine noncommissioned officers and SNCOs who have a strong work ethic, commitment to duty, and drive to succeed while making a lifelong impact to the lives of young men and women should speak to their unit’s career planner and submit a volunteer package to become a Marine recruiter. For more information about volunteer incentives, consult MARADMIN 309/23 MARADMIN 428/23 or see your career planner today.

Volunteers can submit a by-name request to the Recruiting Station of their choice, and following a successful recruiting tour, Marines will be granted a geographic duty station incentive. That means with the lead time between volunteering and attending school, a three-year SDA tour, and a duty station preference, volunteers can potentially influence up to 8 years of stability.

Monthly monetary incentive payments will be made for the duration of a Marine’s tour. Lump Sum will be prorated for all Marines on a second tour assignment, based on a 24-month tour.

Volunteers have increased opportunities for meritorious promotion and a more competitive record for all subsequent promotion boards. In FY20, eligible sergeant recruiters had 1:13 odds for meritorious promotion. Staff Sergeants had 1:104 odds of meritorious promotion – more favorable than anywhere else in the Marine Corps.

For more information, read MARADMIN 428/23

    Will choose one of the following in addition to SDAP and AIP:
    $375 monthly + $10,000 Lump Sum
    $653 monthly
    Will receive the following SDAP and AIP:
    $375 monthly



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When can I volunteer for an SDA?
       - Ideally when you have 12 to 24 months of time on station. This will decrease your likelihood of missing out on volunteer incentives.

What is the Marine Corps Order addressing Special Duty Assignments (SDA) and Screenable Billets?
      - MCO 1326.6 (SCREENMAN)

If I have an Exceptional Family Member (EFM), am I disqualified from serving on recruiting duty?
      - No 

Do tattoos disqualify me from recruiting duty?
      - No. However, all tattoos (including grandfathered tattoos), must be screened for size, content, and location to determine eligibility.

Click here to submit a by-name request to the Recruiting Station of your choice.

24/7 MCRD San Diego/Western Recruiting Region Sexual Assault Support Line

(619) 846-6040

24/7 DoD Safe Helpline

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Command-Level Inquiries:

Marine Corps Recruiting Command Sergeant Major

Phone: 703-784-9400


Marine Corps Recruiting Command G-3 Chief

Phone: 703-432-9656



Eastern Recruiting Region:


Phone:  910-449-0178



Western Recruiting Region:


Phone: 760-725-7407


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