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Poolee Ariele Shideler stands in front of Recruiting Sub-Station North Phoenix, Ariz., for a photo Dec. 5, 2023. Ariele Shideler joined the Delayed Entry Program with the recruiting office with intentions to prepare for Marine boot camp.

Photo by Sgt. Symira Bostic

Changing Course

2 Feb 2024 | Sgt. Symira Bostic 8th Marine Corps District

For many, making the decision to join the military is something that comes after talking to recruiters and carefully deliberating all their options. For others, they know from the time they’re young it is their destiny.

Ariel Shideler is a 17-year-old Glendale, Arizona native that joined the Marine Corps Delayed Entry Program (DEP) Dec. 5, 2023 with Marine Corps Recruiting Sub-Station North Phoenix.

Shideler said her interest in the military began when she joined her school’s Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) program her sophomore year of high school. She participated in many of their programs, including the adventure team, marksmanship team, and color guard. She is currently the battalion commander of her class.
Once Schideler became a senior, she started the process to join the military.

After facing 6 months of stagnant progress trying to join another military branch, Shidelers’ determination to serve led her to change course and pursue the Marine Corps. Her processing was completed within a month.

“I felt like I was just a number to the other service,” Shideler said. “I know I’ll be more challenged here, and the care the Marines have for each other is what really made me think it was a better fit for me.”

Shideler says one of her biggest obstacles was getting her father on board with the idea.

“He thought it was too dangerous,” she said. “He realized either he supports me now – giving me a better chance of getting the job I want and giving me time to prepare - or I do it anyway, affecting our relationship negatively.”

Shideler says her biggest motivation is being the first female in her family to join the military.

“I want to pave a path for those in my family who come after me,” she said.

Shideler will be in the DEP for a couple of months before shipping out in spring 2024.

“I hope to get more in shape through the program,” said Shideler. “I also look forward to building the bond with the other poolees I will be serving with in the future.”

Shideler says she is excited to begin working with the recruiters and poolees at RSS North Phoenix. She enjoys the tight knit community within the office and believes they will help her be prepared for boot camp.

When Shideler is done with training, she will attend her schoolhouse to become a part of the air crew Military Occupational Specialty. She says she plans to learn as much as possible so she can use the experience after the military to get a military job.

“That title ‘Marine’ holds so much to it. Marines have gone through the hardest trials but the camaraderie that they build is unmatched. I’m excited to be a part of that. ”

Schideler says her advice to someone who is hesitant on joining the Marine Corps is to focus on the end reward.

“Fear isn’t telling you not to do something, it’s telling you it might be hard,” she says. “Being a part of a small percentage of the population that can be a Marine is a reward greater than the fear.”
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