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PLC-Law is the largest commissioning source for Marine Corps judge advocates and is the main effort of the MCRC law recruiting mission. The PLC-Law Program offers prospective Marine Corps judge advocates the opportunity to earn their commission as Marine Corps Officers upon meeting certain initial eligibility and training requirements, but prior to completing their law school degree and obtaining a license to practice law. The desired end state of this program is the recruitment of the most mentally, morally, and physically qualified prospective Marine Corps judge advocates.

The key to achieving this end state is the development of a robust pool of officers who commission in law school and receive mentorship and on-the-job training opportunities before and after accession to active duty and before execution of orders to The Basic School (TBS).

Administration of the PLC-Law Program will include coordination of the PLC-Law Mentorship Initiative, Summer, Post-Bar Examination, and Pre-TBS Internship Initiatives, and requests for delay of accession to active duty in order to complete a one-year Master of Laws program or a one-year judicial clerkship.

PLC Law Program Manager:
Capt. Jhonathan Morales
(703) 432-9262

Student Judge Advocate
(703) 432-9317

Legal Chief
Sgt. Marco Segoviano-Garcia
(703) 432-9694

22 November 2022

All informational updates to the pool of commissioned Student Judge Advocates awaiting accession to active duty will posted on our LinkedIn page. If you are a commissioned Student Judge Advocate, please request access to the group in order to receive updates. Additionally, you can contact the Program Manager at the points of contact listed.

FROST CALL 010-23 has been published and will provide information and guidelines for the FY23 Summer internship initiative.


Alpha Company, 1-23, 17 October 2022

Bravo Company, 2-23, 28 November 2022

Charlie Company, 3-23, 27 March 2023

Delta Company, 4-23, 5 June 2023

Echo Company, 5-23, 7 August 2023

Fox Company, 6-23, 11 September 2023


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Marine Corps Judge Advocates practice law on behalf of the Marine Corps and its members. Judge Advocates maintain caseloads and advise Marines on legal issues. The training received as a Marine Corps Officer prepares these Marines to fight and win both inside and outside of the courtroom.


Judge Advocate serves as congressional fellow for Jackie Speier

Captain Benjamin P. Broadmeadow, a second tour judge advocate, is an Office of Legislative Affairs Congressional Fellow with Representative Jackie Speier. As unrestricted line officers, Marine Corps judge advocates are able to expand their legal and professional experience in a wide variety of...


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U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Paul Anderson, right, court reporter non-commissioned officer in charge, and Lance Cpl. Christina Kim, a court reporter, both assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, review audio files from a court case at the Legal Services building, Marine Corps Air Station...

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