MCRC Welfare and Resiliency Resources

MCRC Statement on resiliency


Military life presents unique and difficult challenges to you and your family. It involves meeting several professional requirements while working long hours in the face of mounting issues and family challenges. Recruiting, operational, and wartime missions can have psychological effects on how you think, feel and act. We understand that, and we provide you with the tools and resources to become more resilient. Our goal is to help you withstand, recover, adapt and grow. We have provided several resources to support the resilience of you and your families.


Additional Resiliency Resources
  • The Psychological Health Outreach Program (PHOP) helps reservists gain access to targeted psychological health care services.  866-578-PHOP(7467)

  • The USMC Connect app provides instant notification, news, directories, events, Facebook, Twitter, and more, helping you stay in touch and up to date with your favorite unit.

    • Go to the App Store or Google Play store on your device. Search for “USMC Connect.”  Download and open the app.

  • Real Good Day is a Navy wellness hub that shares tips through blogs. 

  • The Doctor Yum Project is a physician founded and led non-profit organization on a mission to help families overcome barriers to eating well, the most common being that healthy food doesn’t taste good, is hard to make and is expensive.


Searching Online for Resources
  • Each state’s Infoline 211 can provide a list of resources available in local areas addressing disaster assistance, essential needs, acculturation support, and crisis and emergency.  Search online for “Infoline 211 [state].” 

  • States’ mental health centers or community services boards take people of all ages, presenting challenges, and insurance types as well as providing services for free.  Search online for “[county, state] Mental Health Center” or “[county, state] Community Services Board.”

  • An Army, Navy, or Air Force base may provide services to Marines who are closer to one of these bases than a Marine Corps base.  Search online for “closest military base to [town, state].”