MC3 (Marine Corps Communication and Consulting)

You will go through a four day professional program written for Marine recruiters in the collaboration with experienced Marine recruiters, Recruiter Instructors, Recruiters School Instructors and National Training Team members. The program is designed to leverage and enhance the selling concepts and tools that have made Marine recruiters successful for decades.


MC3 Evaluations: During the Basic Recruiters Course, Marines will be evaluated on their ability to perform MC3 skills taught during the Seminar.

MC3 Written Evaluation

MC3 Performance Evaluation

MC3 Office Traffic Performance

MC3 Area Canvassing Performance

MC3 Telephone Call Performance

MC3 Benefit Tag Performance

MCPS (Marine Corps Presentation Skills)

Sales also consist of Marine Corps Presentation Skills... which is a five day course that focuses on the art of presenting in front of an audience. The Marine Corps Presentation Skills program is designed to give a variety of Marines an opportunity to learn and enhance the fundamental skills required to make effective presentations in front of groups.

The program is based on the premise that repeated practice; immediate, ongoing viewing of performance; and coaching enable participants to make noticeable improvements in their presentations and build confidence in their abilities.

Students will be expected to perform four presentations culminating in presenting information about the NROTC Program, The Marine Band, or a Career Opportunities Presentation.