Prior Service Recruiter Course: Prior Service Recruiter Course is to prepare selected Staff Non-commissioned Officers and Non-commissioned Officers to recruit Prior Service Marines for Selected Marine Corps Reserve units, Individual Mobilization Augmentee Detachments, Active Reserve Program and to brief separating Marines on reserve obligatinos and opportunities within the Selected Marine Corps Reserve.

Basic Prior Service Recruiters Course Information:

-Check in Location:  MCRD San Diego, CA, Recruiters School, Building 27, center of the first deck.

-Administrative Day 1: Report NLT 0730 Service Alpha Uniform

-Students must check in with:

  Complete set of orders / Detaching endorsement from parent command

  Medical and Dental Records

  Commanding Officer's Screening Checklist -- recertified within 30 days of reporting

  Copy of valid Driver's License

  Copy of your most recent LES

  Valid ID (CAC) card with working pin

  Current NACLAC

  Motorcycle documentation (if applicable)

  All students must ensure they have an active Government Travel Charge Card upon report date to Basic Prior Service Recruiter Course.

  Students will have a few miscellaneous expenses upon arrival to Basic Prior Service Recruiter Course:

        Name Tags $10.00 (2 sets)

        School PT Shirts $22.00 (2 Shirts)

        Class Photo $5.00 (Optional)

        Class Social Price TBD  (Business Casual, slacks and Collar shirt)

-Graduation: 0800 (Don't plan returning flights earlier than 1300)

Point of Contact for Prior Service Recruiter Course is GySgt Herrera (434) 879-6565

Gear List

-Service Alpha Uniform (Garrison Cover)

-Service Charlie/Bravo Uniform (Seasonal)

-Dress Blue Bravos (Ribbons and Badges)

-Woodland MARPAT

-Green on Green PT Gear (No Unit T-Shirt Logos)

-White Socks (All PT Gear)

-Marine Corps Running Suit

-Reflective Safety Belt (PT)

-Business Casual, Slacks and Collar Shirt (Social)