Orientation:  In order to stymy the spread of COVID-19 aboard MCRD San Diego, Recruiters School is implementing additional precautionary measures for the arrival of BRC 4-21. 


**14 Days Restriction of Movement (ROM) **

ALL students are required to complete 14 days ROM prior to the start of BRC 4-21 on Apr 26.

** ALL students need to join the BRC 4-21 Facebook group.  Now available, you must answer all questions to be accepted.

Check-in:  Apr 12, NLT 1630.  Students do not need to be in Service Alpha Uniform. Proper civilian attire is authorized and encouraged.  Bring your complete set of orders, DTS orders or detaching endorsement from your parent command.  If you cannot arrive by 1630, please contact the school to avoid being dropped.

Check In Location:   MCRD San Diego, CA, Recruiters School, Building 27, face masks are required. 

**The day you arrive on MCRD San Diego, check into Recruiters School.  Do not proceed to billeting without checking into Recruiters School first.**

Locally stationed Marines (Miramar & Camp Pendleton), will ROM at their local residence or barracks.  Contact the school for questions. 29 palms is not local, and staying with friends and/or family in the area is not considered local. 

Once ROM begins you will not be allowed to leave your room, ROM begins the day you arrive on MCRD.  Bring 14 days’ worth of everything you may need.  You will be given and opportunity to go to the PX prior to checking into your room.

Example:  Sgt Motivator arrives on MCRD San Diego, Apr 09. SNM reports to Recruiters School to check in.  Once checked in, SNM will be assigned a room. Once SNM goes into the room SNM cannot leave until Apr 26, to report back to Recruiters School.

Note:  Not all rooms are equipped with T.V, cable, Plan accordingly.  WIFI is available


  • Arrive as early as you can on Apr 12.  This affords you the opportunity to shop for items you may need before going into ROM. 
  • Bring everything you need to be in quarantine for 14 days.  Example; laptops, food, clothes, cellphones, gaming device, T.V, fan, books, etc.
  • Bring water or buy water when you get here. Water will not be provide with meals.
  • Bring 1 towel.
  • Bring 1 white mesh laundry bag with pin.
  • Smoking is not allowed in billeting or the billeting AO.  You can dip, or get patches, etc.
  • Meals, laundry and trash will pick will be provided.
  • There is free WIFI in the barracks; However, it runs slow do to the volume.  you can purchase a faster service.

Administrative Day 1:   *Monday Apr 26, 2021 - 0700 *Service A Uniform. MARPAT uniform will be worn after check-in.

Graduation Date:  Wednesday Jun 16, 2021  (Don’t plan returning flights earlier than 1300)

Students must check in with:     

o   Complete set of orders

o   Detaching endorsement from parent command

o   Print out of PDHRA (Or up to date Medical Physical)

o   Print Out of PG11/NJP's/Court Martial 

o   New Commanding Officer’s Screening Checklist -- recertified within 30 days (after re-cert have an additional copy of Co's Checklist)


o   Valid ID (CAC) card with working pin

o   Current NACLAC (Security Clearance Eligibility)

o   Motorcycle documentation (if applicable)

o   Ensure your Government  Travel Charge Card is Activated/ All students must have Government Charge Card upon arrival at BRC

Students will have a few miscellaneous expenses upon arrival to the Basic Recruiter Course:

  • Name Tags (2)    $12.00
  • School PT Shirts $11.00
  • Professional Dinner PRICE TBD  (Business Casual) Slacks and Collar Shirt. Once COVID is over.
  • Class Photo         $6.00 (Optional)
  • Recruiter SWAG (Optional)
  • Dress Blue Blouse button punch (Optional) $20


Uniform of the Day:             Mon-Thurs (Seasonal Utility Uniform)  Woodland MARPAT

                                              Fri (Seasonal Service Uniform) Service "C" & "B" Uniform, Dress Blue "C' & "D"

**Students will receive a full dress blue clothing issue while at school. **

Note: All students must bring their issued running suit.

Note: For information or questions contact Admin at 619-524-8477 or OPS at 619-524-0773                                                                                       

New CO's Checklist

CO's Financial Worksheet

Recruiting Duty Interview Guide

Directions and MCCS Information

Gear List:

Service Alpha: Check in (Garrison Cover)

Service Charlie/Bravo Uniform 

Woodland MARPAT Uniform

Dress Blue Bravos

Green on Green PT Gear (No Unit T-Shirt Logos) (White Socks)

Marine Corps Running Suit

Reflective Safety Belt

1 - White Mesh laundry bag/ with pin (14-days ROM)

1- towel (14-days ROM)

Business Casual (Collar Shirt and Slacks) Professional Dinner

          FY21       Check-In         Graduation
          1-21        26 Oct 2020       16 Dec 2020 
          2-21       11 Jan 2021       24 Feb 2021 
          3-21        01 Mar 2021        21 Apr 2021 
          4-21        26 Apr 2021       16 Jun 2021 
          5-21        05 Jul 2021        25 Aug 2021 
          6-21        30 Aug 2021        13 Oct 2021

Congratulations on your selection to the Basic Recruiter Course. 

Expect a challenging, but very rewarding and educational seven and one-half weeks (37 Training Days). 

The mission of the Basic Recruiter Course is to provide staff noncommissioned officers and noncommissioned officers the basic skills and knowledge in order to develop their ability to influence young men and women to select the Marine Corps as a career opportunity.

It is highly recommended that each Marine contact one of the below listed Recruiting Stations to request a (by-name) assignment prior to reporting to Basic Recruiter Course.  A By-Name Request (BNR) does not Guarantee that Marine will be assigned to a specific Region, District, or Recruiting Station.


 1st MCD                  4th MCD                 6th MCD 
RS ALBANY, NY   (518) 266-6103                  RS COLUMBUS, OH                      RS ATLANTA, GA   (770) 246-0008 
RS BALTIMORE, MD   (410) 850-0823                  RS CLEVELAND, OH   (440) 243-4010                  RS BATON ROUGE, LA   (225) 927-3899
RS HARRISBURG, PA   (717) 770-8370                  RS NASHVILLE    (615) 627-1526                  RS COLUMBIA, SC   (803) 788-8788 
RS NEW JERSEY, NJ   (732) 866-2912                  RS FREDRICK, MD   (301) 668-2025                   RS FT. LAUDERDALE, FL   (954) 452-0663 
RS NEW YORK, NY            (516) 228-3686                 RS LANSING, MI             (517) 882-8001                   RS JACKSONVILLE, FL      (904) 346-3336
RS PITTSBURGH, PA        (412) 395-5818                 RS LOUISVILLE, KY       (502) 582-6605                    RS MONTGOMERY, AL       (334) 647-3100 
RS BOSTON, MA                      RS RALEIGH, NC            (919) 874-2171                   RS CHARLOTTE, NC            (980) 308-4317
RS SPRINGFIELD, MA   (413) 474-6356                  RS RICHMOND, VA   (804) 272-0442                  RS TAMPA, FL   (407) 249-5870


8th MCD                 9th MCD                 12th MCD
RS ALBUQUERQUE, NM   (505) 878-6482                 RS CHICAGO, IL   (847) 803-8410                 RS LOS ANGELES, CA   (818) 373-5522
RS DALLAS, TX   (214) 431-0338                 RS DES MOINES, IA   (515) 727-3472                 RS ORANGE, CA   (949) 261-9003
RS DENVER, CO   (303) 832-2352                 RS INDIANAPOLIS, IN   (317) 549-6125                 RS PORTLAND, OR   (503) 326-3017
RS FORT WORTH, TX    (817) 303-7438                 RS KANSAS CITY, MO   (816) 891-0969                 RS RIVERSIDE, CA   (951) 455-7845
RS PHOENIX, AZ                (602) 256-7637                 RS MILWAUKEE, WI             (414) 434-0483                 RS SACRAMENTO, CA        (916) 928-2601
RS SALT LAKE CITY, UT    (801) 954-0402                 RS OKLAHOMA CITY, OK    (405) 609-8769                  RS SAN DIEGO                    (858) 675-4938
RS SAN ANTONIO, TX       (201) 283-6294                 RS ST. LOUIS, MO                (314) 331-5696                  RS SAN FRANCISCO          (650) 603-8943
RS HOUSTON, TX                     RS TWIN CITIES, MN   (804) 272-0442                 RS SEATTLE, WA   (206) 762-2799