The Advanced Career Planner Course provides senior Career Planner students with advanced core capabilities necessary to execute Headquarters Marine Corps enlisted retention policies.  Training includes detailed instruction in the following areas: Advanced Tools for Coaching, Communication Skills, Sales, Evaluations, and Administrative Career Planner duties.  Upon completion of this course, Marines will be able to perform duties of a SNCOIC Career Planner. 


The course incorporates the ideas that have evolved from the Recruiting and Retention Training and Readiness (T&R) Manual, Course Content Review Board, Enlisted Retention Task Force, and Sergeants Major Symposiums.  Training takes place in a state of the art classroom and group rooms.

Students Must Check in with:


·         Complete Set of Orders

·         Detaching Endorsement from parent command

·         Commanding Officer’s Screening Checklist (recertified within 30 days of reporting)

·         Medical and Dental Records

·         Valid ID (CAC) card with working pin


Fitness Reports:


·         Fitness reports ARE NOT required due to period of TAD status being less than 30 days, per MCO P1610.7F. 

  Check-In   Graduation
1-22  2 May 2022 23 May 2022
2-22 29 Aug 2022 22 Sep 2022