Welcome to the United States Marine Corps Recruiters School. Here we screen and train Staff Noncommissioned Officers and Noncommissioned Officers to recruit and retain the high-quality individuals necessary to sustain the finest fighting force the world has ever seen.


We take our mission seriously and rally behind a "Protect the House" mantra, which extends to our homes, school house, Marine Corps and Nation. To be ready, we strive for balance of mind, body and spirit and never forget our responsibilities to others.


We own our mission by taking care of people.


Our staff is the best in the business. Each instructor earned credibility in the fleet before transitioning into successful careers as recruiters or career planners. Every classroom at Recruiters School is led by a hand-selected Marine who has faced the challenging demands of the recruiting and retention missions and emerged as a proven professional.


Throughout the school year, we offer five courses:


              Basic Recruiter Course                    

              Basic Career Planner Course

              Basic Prior Service Recruiter Course       

              Advanced Career Planner Course

              Reserve Career Planner Course


Each course equips our students with the skills required to forge a force that will fight and win on the 21st Century battlefield.


Please contact us if you have any questions. If you have already been selected to attend one of our courses, we look forward to your arrival. You can expect to be challenged. More importantly, you can expect to leave Recruiters School better prepared to succeed in work and in life.




 Semper Fidelis,  

Maj. Gregg D. Petrisevac  

Director, U.S. Marine Corps Recruiters School  


Command Biographies

Director, Recruiters School
Major Gregg D. Petrisevac

Major Petrisevac serves as Director, U.S. Marine Corps Recruiters SchoolA native of Long Beach, CA

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Deputy Director, Recruiters School
Captain Austin W. Carroll Keeley

Captain Austin W. Carroll Keeley reported for officer training to Officer Candidates School,

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Sergeant Major, Recruiters School
Sergeant Major Michael A. Collins

Sergeant Major Michael A. Collins was born and raised in Amite, LA. He enlisted in the Marine Corps

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The mission of Recruiters School is to screen and 

train selected Staff Noncommissioned Officers and 

Noncommissioned Officers to perform the duties 

inherent to the procurement and retention of enlisted 

Marines for the regular and reserve establishments 

of the Marine Corps.


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