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U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Jason Q. Bohm, Commanding General of Marine Corps Recruiting Command, stands with Naval Officers and a Sea Cadet from the Alexandria, Va., Sea Cadet Division at the Evening Parade at Marine Barracks Washington, on June 3, 2022. Bohm, a former member of the Sea Cadets, accompanied the group to the "Oldest Post in the Corps" so they could see firsthand the proficiency and discipline of the Marine Corps.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Payton Goodrich

Sea Cadets Visit Marine Corps’ Oldest Post

29 Jun 2022 | Lance Cpl. Payton Goodrich Marine Corps Recruiting Command

The Alexandria Division United States Naval Sea Cadets Corps (NSCC) attended an Evening Parade at Marine Barracks Washington, DC. June 3, 2022.

The visit to the “Oldest Post in the Corps” was hosted by Maj. Gen. Jason Q. Bohm, Commanding General of Marine Corps Recruiting Command. Bohm, a former member of the Sea Cadets and a lifelong supporter, invited the Sea Cadets so they could see firsthand the proficiency and discipline of the Marine Corps.

“My time as a Cadet in the Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale Division in Mattydale, New York provided me the opportunity to do things that my friends and others could only read about,” said Bohm, in a letter to the Sea Cadets.

Paying it forward, Bohm continues to give back to the organization that was so impactful to him as a young man. He currently serves as an adult volunteer with the Sea Cadets in Alexandria, Virginia, routinely creating opportunities to provide leadership, life lessons and guidance to the next generation of cadets; creating similar experiences he was exposed to as a young man.

Watching the Marines perform during the Evening Parade showed the cadets and instructors the discipline and precision that it takes to execute as a team at the highest level.
"I grew up in San Diego, and that's a Marine Corps town, so I've always heard of all these groups, and seeing the Silent Drill Platoon was just a dream come true," said Zach Shrove, Alexandria Division NSCC Instructor. "We train the Sea Cadets for their flagship competitions which contain drills, and bringing them to see the real deal and what hard work and discipline can lead to is very rewarding."

While waiting for the Evening Parade performance to begin, Marines from the Silent Drill Platoon and Drum and Bugle Corps spent personal time talking with the guests in attendance. They answered questions people in the audience had about life in the Marine Corps, explained the difference between enlisted and officer ranks, and described what makes the Marine Corps different from all the other branches of service.

Navy Capt. Enid Brackett, the mother of one Sea Cadet, said, "I'm hoping my son will get some motivation from this and is excited to see the discipline that comes with being in the military."
The engagement didn’t let Brackett down. Her son, Benjamin enjoyed watching the Marines perform.

“I thought Marines were scary, but after hearing them talk I realized they were really nice”, said Cadet Brackett. “Watching the parade was awesome and seeing the Marines march was really cool – I’m happy I was able to watch the Marines”.

The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (Sea Cadets) is a maritime-based youth program sponsored by the U.S. Navy and supported by the U.S. Coast Guard. Cadets train on naval bases and other military installations in various military disciplines, always choosing adventure, seeking challenges, and stepping outside of their comfort zones. To find out more information about the Sea Cadet Corps, visit

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