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Major General Jason Bohm, Brig. Gen. Ahmed Williamson, and Sergeant Major Adan Moreno receive a presentation regarding Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence from Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) staff members at APL’s Laurel, Md., campus on September, 22 2021. Marine leaders are researching modernization efforts to support the Marine Corps’ force design initiatives of recruiting and retaining talented Marines. (Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Kenny Gomez)

Photo by Sgt. Kenny Gomez

Marine Corps gets smart on Artificial Intelligence

27 Sep 2021 | by Sgt. Kenny Gomez Marine Corps Recruiting Command

Artificial intelligence may be more of a reality than a concept of science-fiction for the United States Marine Corps. This technology has the potential to be a game changer for the recruitment and retention of highly talented Marines.

Senior Marine leaders from Marine Corps Recruiting Command and Manpower and Reserve Affairs visited the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory to learn about artificial intelligence programs on Sept. 22.

“As a service, we continue to research and seek out opportunities to meet the Commandant’s Force Design for 2030,” said Brig. Gen. Ahmed T. Williamson, director, Manpower Plans and Policy Division. “We are honored to have this opportunity to get an inside look at how analytics and technology of Artificial Intelligence can better support our initiatives of recruiting and retaining talented Marines.”

The rapid advancement of powerful AI technology has the potential of creating a highly interconnected presence, which Marine Corps leaders could use as a tool to enhance recruiting and retention efforts.

"Imagine a non-invasive interface that allows Marines to communicate with machines at the speed of thought to solve complex problems, facilitate mutual learning and optimize infinite amounts of data through natural language processing, human machine interfaces, and artificial intelligence,” said Dan Yaroslaski, a technical and project manager in APL’s Tactical Intelligence Systems Group. “We are trying to go beyond imagining this and move toward making it a reality.”

General AI uses machine learning and data sets to help identify human elements, talents, and propensity for manpower management. Artificial intelligence could allow the Marine Corps to advance its capabilities to engage and manage the current Marine force, as well as identify future talented prospects.

Members of the laboratory demonstrated to the Marines additional intelligent system programs which might improve the Corps’ future talent management. These programs have the capability to assist the recruiting force by focusing its prospecting efforts and assisting to accelerate the transformation process as recruiters and officer selection officers begin the development of their enlisted recruits and officer candidates.

“Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can assist recruiters in finding, attracting, and recruiting applicants who demonstrate the talent attributes we seek above the minimal mental, moral, and physical requirements for enlistment. The Marine Corps is building a more mature, more capable, and more resilient force needed to succeed in competition against adversaries today and on the complex future battlefields of tomorrow,” said Maj. General Jason Q. Bohm, Commanding General of Marine Corps Recruiting Command.