Coordinating Instructions Administration and Logistics

1.  Coordinating Instructions

    a. TECOM is responsible for funding travel and lodging for students only, via a funding letter. TECOM will not fund students who live within the National Capitol Region as described in references (a) and (b).

    b. Students will only execute travel on approved TECOM-funded authorizations. Students that execute travel on unapproved TECOM-funded authorizations become the responsibility of the parent command.

    c. Recruiting support officers or other reservists attending the courses will need to make contact with Reserve Affairs Personnel Management (RAM-2) or their local command to arrange funding and school seat.

    d.  On designated travel date, check into the NCC, 18980 Upper Belmont Place, Leesburg, VA 20176 ( This link provides information regarding the NCC, such as dining, lodging and local excursions.

    e. This course is being offered in-person based on the latest DoD travel restrictions. Instructors, students, and all visitors will strictly adhere to social distancing protocols and all other Centers for Disease Control mitigation guidelines per enclosure 1. An email will be sent NLT 14 days prior to convening date confirming, modifying, or canceling the course.

    f. Attendees must complete the COVID 19 Prescreening Checklist (enclosure 2) prior to arrival. Any yes answers must be explained and have written permission from a local Military Treatment Facility (MTF) or local Primary Care Manager (PCM) IOT attend the course.

2.  Administration and Logistics

    a.  Administration

        (1) Authorization and Travel Voucher. Travel authorizations and voucher submissions are the responsibility of the attendee’s local command.

        (2) Travel. Travel is the responsibility of the attendee.

        (3) Funding Data. Once CG TECOM (4611) appropriation data is generated, each student is slated for a school seat, their participation is expected. They will then receive a funding letter.

        (4) Attendees will use the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) Program for this course. Contact your local agency program coordinator for any questions pertaining to the GTCC.

    b.  Logistics

        (1) Transportation

            (a) Students will schedule their flights into Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) arriving NLT 2359 on the day prior to course start date; students are authorized, and encouraged, to depart the day after the course concludes. Travel arrangements will not interfere with scheduled events on the final training day. If an attendee chooses an alternate airport, a cost analysis is required. The total cost to use the alternate airport including ground transportation cannot exceed the directed airport total cost (screenshots are required).

            (b) The following ground transportation options and estimates are provided to aid in travel or cost analysis:

                1.  Rental cars are authorized at the discretion and expense of the attendee’s parent command. If authorized by student’s parent command, a separate DTS authorization and voucher will be created, approved, and settled for all rental car expenses through parent command’s DTS approval chain. TECOM/NTT will not fund any rental car related expense.

                2.  Attendees who select Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA) as an alternate airport should use a taxi from the airport to the NCC. Taxi Fare is $95.00, this is an estimate excluding tip (one way). Taxi fare to/from DCA is reimbursable.

                3.  Attendees arriving at IAD should use the BBC Express shuttle service to the NCC. Make shuttle service requests at least 72 hours in advance by calling the (703)707-2020, option 1 for reservations or attendees can use the Dulles Airport Shuttle Request Form located at  The shuttle service is based solely on transportation requests received.

                4.  Attendees within local travel distance, which is less than 400 miles or eight hours travel time, are encouraged to use government-owned vehicle transportation to the greatest extent possible.

        (2) Lodging and Messing

            (a) Lodging.  The NTT will reserve lodging at the NCC for all course attendees (this is not optional). Rooms are reserved based on names provided by each region and changes to the original submission should remain minimal. The cost for lodging is $116.00 per day, not to include tax which is $15.08 per day.

            (b) Defense Travel System

                1.  Attendees will skip the travel lodging screen.

                2.  At the Pre-Audit Trip screen, attendees will provide justification to approving official, selecting codes L2 and L10 and adding the following statements in the comments box:

                    a. “Due to mission requirements lodging is pre-arranged via a lodging block.”

                    b. “Lodging is limited to the maximum for the locality. Meals and incidental expenses are paid at the commercial meal rate. Hotel taxes that are incurred are only reimbursed based on the maximum lodging rate.”

            (c) Messing.  Government messing is not directed. NCC provides all meals and will charge each attendee the daily local per diem rate for meals. This is not optional.

        (3) Uniform

            (a) Classroom.  Business casual civilian attire: collared shirt, slacks, and dress shoes (1 suit or sports coat is mandatory). Courses longer than 2 weeks are required to bring Dress Blue Delta or Dress Blue Charlies based on season.

            (b) Physical Training (PT).  PT is scheduled. Plan for seasonal weather conditions.

            (c) Liberty.  Appropriate civilian attire.

        (4) For additional questions, please contact the appropriate course head listed within the Points of Contact section of this Playbook.

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