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Marine Corps Recruiting Command

Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va.

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Archive: October 2002

Bobby Bowden helps honor Blue Star Mother October 31, 2002 — Imagine your mother standing on the 50-yard line of one of Florida's biggest high school football games.  She is being honored for the courage and support she has given to one of her children who has joined the military and the crowd of more than 4,000 spectators offers up an overwhelming round of applause. Moments before the Lincoln Trojans kicked MORE
Family of walk-ins enlist in Hawaii PCS October 29, 2002 — ?If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,? is a rule of thumb that?s been passed down for generations.  That philosophy was put to the test recently when Staff Sergeant Clarence Masayos found himself in the midst of a recruiter?s dream. Masayos, the lone canvassing recruiter of Permanent Contact Station Hilo, RSS Hawaii, RS Orange, Calif., MORE
Rifle--check, ammo--check, drawing pad and pencils? October 25, 2002 — Whoever thought artistic creativity would be a requirement for a Marine recruit? For the majority of recruits it's not. But for the tiny percentage of Marines who come in the Corps to be 4611s, the screening process is a bit more extensive. They have to be capable artists. 4611s are graphic illustrators. These "combat crayolamen" as they're MORE
Truckers carry the message to millions October 18, 2002 — On any given day up to 180 million drivers take to the 4 million miles of roads, avenues and interstates spread across the United States. Enter the Marine Corps and truckers nationwide. Starting this fall motorists on America's highways and byways may see something different coming up in their review mirrors, semi-trucks towing big blue trailers MORE
Firefighting Marine lives to save, serve country October 4, 2002 — Early on a rainy Saturday morning, Imperial County Rescue Squad 2865 was dispatched to a residential neighborhood for an emergency.  Upon arrival, the firefighters and emergency medical technicians found a young woman laying on a mattress in labor.  Working feverishly with sweat dripping from his brow, a young firefighter notices the baby crowning MORE
Pakistani Marine ;'this is the country I call home' October 4, 2002 — Militant Muslim terrorists learned to fly the planes used in the Sept. 11 attacks at an aviation school in Florida. The discovery that the United State's most hated villains learned in America's backyard the skills necessary to carry out their malicious attack haunted Americans after Sept. 11. Today, a Pakistani-born Muslim man who also attended MORE