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And the winner is...

By Lance Cpl. Brady Wood | | January 05, 2011

1/5/2011 -- The Sixth Marine Corps District recruiter of the year for fiscal year 2010 is Staff Sgt. Joseph E. Morse from Recruiting Substation Shreveport, Recruiting Station Baton Rouge.
Morse was awarded the distinction after shipping a total of 31 applicants to recruit training with a net production of 2.5. The net production is the average amount of contracts shipped to recruit training per month. Additionally, 80 percent of his contracts exceeded Marine Corps standards on the ASVAB with scores of 50 or above.
Now that Morse is the 6th MCD’s recruiter of the year, he will compete against five recruiters from the other five recruiting districts throughout the nation for Marine Corps Recruiting Command’s recruiter of the year. A board to decide who wins top honors will take place Jan. 24, 2011.
Morse said his success fell on his ability to overcome indifference from parents and convincing them that joining the Corps was the right decision for their son or daughter.
“Most of the time it’s due to a misunderstanding of the Marine Corps,” said Morse. “I schedule an appointment with the parents so that I can have a sit down with them and educate them about the Marine Corps.”
Staff Sgt. Nathan E. Carithers, staff noncommissioned officer-in-charge, RSS Shreveport, RS Baton Rouge, praises Morse’s distinction on what he believes to be Morse’s three strongest attributes.
“Every day he is dependable, competitive and caring,” said Carithers. “No matter what, he pulls through for us. He is always pushing everyone to be their best - including himself. He always cares about those in his pool while in the Delayed Entry Program and while at recruit training.”
When asked how these aspects make Morse stand out more than all other recruiters in the RSS, Carithers replied by saying:
“From what I see on a daily basis, Morse displays these characteristics at a higher proficiency than other recruiters that I have met,” said Carithers.
Major Ross Parish, RS Baton Rouge commanding officer took notice of Morse’s motivation and believes he is a strong source of inspiration to the other Marines in RS Baton Rouge.
“Among his high degree of professionalism and loyalty to duty, Staff Sgt. Morse’s consistency, quality and volume of his work were the difference-makers in achieving stellar results”.
Morse might say he was simply doing his job, but his work ethic and daily performance would suggest otherwise, noted Parish.
“His performance as a canvassing recruiter and as an A-Gunner has been impressive and is an inspiration within RS Baton Rouge.”

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