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Marine Corps Recruiting Command

Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va.

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Uncommon perseverance, common virtue

By Sgt. David Drafton | | February 11, 2006

Raleigh, N.C. -- During these very challenging times recruiting is one of the most difficult missions in the armed forces today. The mission becomes harder with every drop in unemployment and every rise in wages.

Gunnery Sgt. Paul Glenn, III, staff noncommissioned officer-in-charge of Recruiting Sub-station Jacksonville, is the only child of Donna and Paul II.  It was in that very same household Glenn learned making the right decisions and choosing the right path will lead to success. The Michigan born Marine has known since his birth into the Marine Corps he was not only going to excel, but make a lot of waves doing so.

“I know that recruiting is supposed to be a hard duty, but if you have good leaders in place it makes achieving the mission that much easier,” said the Ferndale High School graduate.

Amassing a tour to date annual percentage rate of 2.20 and a discharge rate of only 19 out of 118 applicants, Glenn was steering himself toward the esteemed title of 8412 - career recruiter. Glenn has three Marine recruiters under his charge, and his use of the 11 steps of systematic recruiting and his own recipe of leadership earned his recruiting sub-station the honor of being Marine Crops Recruiting Station Raleigh’s Station of the Year and subsequently 4th Marine Corps District’s Staff Noncommissioned officer-in-charge of the Year.

“It is an honor to not only be considered for this, but to actually win and represent our District,” Glenn said.

Glenn and his Marines have overwritten and closed early for the past seven months.
“My Marines don’t complain they just get the job done. Close early and enjoy the rest of the month,” said Glenn.

“Glenn leads each of his Marines to success, which in turn makes him successful,” said Gunnery Sgt. Daniel Greene Jr., Recruiter Instructor.

After being chosen to represent the 4th Marine Corps District as SNCOIC of the Year Glenn isn’t even fazed.

“I didn’t come out here (on recruiting duty) to get awards and accolades, I only wanted change people’s lives,” said Glenn.

When posed with the question of ‘How do you find the right people to join the Marines and deal with the negative feedback?’ Glenn replied. “You deal with all types of people, you just have to keep in mind that you are giving them a chance to not start a career, but also make a difference for this country.”

The nine-year veteran has 38 months of recruiting under his belt and with his newest Marine recruiters assigned to his sub-station he has his work cut out for him.

“Gunny Glenn is a tough boss, but he will only ask of you what he sees in you,” said Staff Sgt. Noel Mallari, canvassing recruiter, Permanent Contact Station New Bern.

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