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Former Marines Join Recruiting Fight

By Cpl. Kevin Hayner | | November 19, 2005

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Gen Alfred M. Gray, 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps, was the guest speaker at the first meeting of the NJ Network of Marines.

Gen Alfred M. Gray, 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps, was the guest speaker at the first meeting of the NJ Network of Marines. (Photo by Cpl. Kevin Hayner)

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RECRUITING STATION NEW JERSEY -- Marines are well known for never leaving a brother, dead or alive, on the battlefield. In the state of New Jersey, current and former Marines are taking this ethos to a whole new level.

Approximately 150 Marines, young and old, came together at Colts Neck High School Nov. 19, for the first meeting of the New Jersey Network of Marines.

The intent of the network is to get the former Marines involved in the everyday fight recruiters are currently facing on the streets and in the homes of this state. It’s a fight the former Marines feel is worth joining.

The Marines gathered in the cafeteria prior to lunch, to exchange ideas and speak with their local recruiting substation staff noncommissioned officers-in-charge.

After lunch, the group moved to the auditorium.

The 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Alfred M. Gray, a New Jersey resident, was the guest speaker for the event. He spoke about how former Marines could aid in the fight for recruiting America’s finest.

“If a recruiter can’t get into a school, and you can help, help him get in the door,” said Gray. “These recruiters are carrying on your legacy, our legacy. We need to help them out.”

Gray told the audience they could help the recruiting effort in the Garden State by doing things like providing referrals, and stopping in to say hello to local recruiters.  He emphasized that any little contribution would help.

“We are taught to never leave a Marine on the battlefield. This is no different. After you have served your duty to the Corps, you can still contribute so much more. That’s what we should be doing,” said Gray.

The luncheon, hosted by Colts Neck High School Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Instructor, Lt. Col. Jim Sfayer, is the first of what he hopes to be many events for the New Jersey Network of Marines.

“This has the potential to be beneficial to everyone,” said Sfayer, “It will help recruiting, but even more, you (former Marines) will become involved with the Corps again. It’s a great chance to help your Corps.”

Sergeant Douglas Blose, NCOIC RSS Red Bank, took a lot from the event.

“This give us a great chance to network within our (area of responsibility),” said Blose. “We can now use that network to break through some of these walls we encounter every day.”

The next event for the New Jersey Network of Marines is being planned for some time in the month of April.

Former Marines interested in participating should contact their local recruiting substation. For more information, please call 732-866-2937.

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