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Manhattan Takes Number 1 Large RSS in Northeast

By Staff Sgt Matt Olivolo | | December 07, 2001

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. -- Fiscal year 2001 was a great year for Recruiting Station New York ... and RSS Manhattan specifically. 

With a six-man-team, Staff Sgt. Angel Montanez, NCOIC RSS Manhattan, captured the number one RSS and NCOIC title in the 1st Marine Corps District.

"I attribute our success to the hard work and dedication of our team to achieve one goal, recruit young men and women into our Corps," said Montanez. "Staying focused on our mission is something I ensured we did."

Every month the Operations Officer is given a mission from District and from the Commanding Officer, that mission is then given to the NCOIC and ultimately to the recruiters.

"Early in the summer we were given a mission of 15 [contracts] and I asked for a mission of 16," Montanez explained smiling.  "We ended up closing with 17 contracts."

Montanez's team was motivated right from the start of the fiscal year.  Fortunately for Montanez, he was able to train five out of the six Marines that worked for him from the beginning.  He was able to instill good working habits and tried to keep morale high for a more productive working environment.

"There were times when a recruiter was down and didn't have an appointment for that night, so I sent him home to spend a few hours with his wife and family," said Montanez.  "I feel that it really isn't worth my time or the recruiter's time to sit in the office thinking about home when he could go home, get some rest and come back to work the next day motivated and ready to prospect."

RSS Manhattan captured the number one Large RSS spot in part by obtaining only a two percent MCRD attrition rate. To keep a low attrition rate, Montanez said his recruiters sacrificed prospect time on Saturdays to work with poolees instead.

"I found it to be more productive to re-motivate our pool rather than spending more time on the streets on Saturday and then have a higher MCRD attrition rate due to the lack of preparation of our poolees," explained Montanez.

Once the Manhattan recruiters started accepting awards at the all-hands meetings for superior performance, they started enjoying the motivation and used that for their driving force to be the number one station in the RS.

"Once we started succeeding as a team the competition between the recruiters became fierce," stated Montanez.  "Everyone was trying to out-do one another, making mission was never an issue; it was how much over can we write."

Following the terrorist attacks in September, the last month of the fiscal year proved to be one of the most difficult months for recruiters across the nation, let alone RSS Manhattan recruiters.  However, regardless of the obstacles created, Montanez said the Marines of RSS Manhattan never lost sight of their mission and came out victorious.

"Our office on Beekman Street is three blocks away from the World Trade Center where the terrorist attacks took place," said Montanez.  "We were stunned at what had happened in our backyard.  Once that horrible day was over we weren't sure what was going to happen.  We didn't know if we were all going to war, and recruiting would be set aside. "

As a result of the attack and destruction of the World Trade Center, the Marines consolidated their offices and moved to PCS Harlem in uptown Manhattan.

Colonel Tom Tyrell, commanding officer of the 1st Marine Corps District, offered to lower the RSS mission for obvious reasons, but Montanez thought it would be in the best interest for their Marines to continue working through the troubling times.

"I figured if we pushed through these events by working it would help keep our minds off of the deplorable sights we had seen that day," said Montanez.

The Marines of RSS Manhattan ended up closing that month, not only making their new mission of 14 but by overwriting by three contracts. 

"The Marines of RSS Manhattan proved that hard work and dedication paid off with their success being named number one Large RSS in the District," said Major Paul Greatsinger, RS New York Commanding Officer.  "Just their acts in the month of September alone showed that they can operate and overcome any adversity that comes their way.  Their accomplishments showed the type of Marines that they are.  All of the Marines of RS New York are very proud of the recruiters in Manhattans accomplishments."
RSS Manhattan's Marines not only showed Recruiting Station New York and 1st Marine Corps District, but they showed the Corps that under any stress they continued to succeed as all Marines do with perseverance and determination when failure is not an option.

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