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Marine Corps Recruiting Command

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3280 Russell Road, 2nd Floor Quantico, Va. 22134
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Teamwork and Basics: Secrets to Recruiting Success

By SSgt. Matt Olivolo | | March 12, 2001

RSS PATCHOGUE, N.Y. -- More and more women are serving in today's Marine Corps, filling a variety of billets from motor transport to drill instructor. At Recruiting Station New York, one female stands out from the other 48 recruiters who are currently on production. She's the only one.In a command that is about 95 percent male, SSgt. Rhonda Marshall, a canvassing recruiter from RSS Patchogue, has no problem being the only female. She feels she is just one of the guys."I don't think it is really an issue with most female Marines, since we are all Marines regardless of sex," said Marshall. "I think all Marines are on one giant team, especially RS New York and RSS Patchogue."Although Marines are all on one team, recruiting is something entirely different than the rest of the Corps. Recruiters are faced with finding young men and women who are willing to be challenged mentally and physically. Unfortunately in this day and age of computers and video games, youths are often not willing to be challenged physically."I've noticed that there are a lot of high school seniors who would rather play video games than play football," explained Marshall. "As a female recruiter, I can't say that my job is any harder than a male recruiter, however it is challenging regardless to find motivated individuals who are qualified."According to Master Sgt. Cristino Perez, recruiter instructor at RS New York, as long as Marshall sticks to the basic of recruiting, she'll remain in the spotlight as a successful recruiter."The bottom line to being a successful recruiter regardless of gender is to follow systematic recruiting," explained Perez. "Any recruiter can be successful if they follow those guidelines and have the ability to motivate themselves."Since Aug. 13, 1918, when Opha Mae Johnson became the first female to enlist in the Marines, women have been successful and continue to do great things in the Corps."Women in today's Marine Corps continue to serve in a highly capable capacity," explained SgtMaj. Craig Brown, RS New York Sergeant Major. "Through the years I've served with some truly fantastic Marines, who just happened to be female. I believe you must dismiss any pre-conceived stereo-types, and allow their performance to speak for them ... being a good Marine has nothing to do with gender."

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