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Making Mission With Conviction

By Sgt Amanda Hay | | August 29, 2002

NEW YORK -- The success Recruiting Station New York has earned throughout the past 10-plus years does not go unnoticed and neither do the Marines who get the job done here. 

Staff Sergeant David G. Cabrera leads the team of Recruiting Sub-Station Ridgewood in the northern part of Queens with a sense of direction that is in direct alignment with the command and legacy of RS New York.

Cabrera has been one of the cornerstones of stability for this station since 1992 when he was a recruiter aide at RSS Ridgewood. From March 1995 to June 1998 he was a recruiter at RSS Brooklyn. He then became the Officer Selection Office assistant in Manhattan until June 2000. After that, he hit the street again at RSS Bronx. He earned the NCOIC billet for RSS Ridgewood in July 2001 and they have made mission every month.

"Failure is not an option. The mission is mine regardless and we're going to do it," Cabrera said in typical New York style.

Although he has a fairly new team of Marines, they were First on Target for the month of July. Cabrera says his Marines are eager to compete, confident, and they have what it takes to continue with their success. His goal is to earn RSS of the Year for the RS and his Marines support him fully. "We're on top and we plan on staying here."

His energy and conviction was evidently contagious and spread quickly throughout his office as his Marines echoed what he said.

"We all have the same goal," said Cabrera. "We're motivated and all understand what we need to do. Marines want to be successful. What's in it for them? Pride of accomplishment and liberty." 

Despite the fact they're in the competitive world of recruiting and they're on the front lines of "combat" daily, they have a good rapport with each other. "If you have the team atmosphere and Marines are comfortable with who they work with and their quality of life, mission takes care of itself. It's all about knowing your Marines and leading them. Everyone is different and has different things that make them tick."

Across the board the Marines at RSS Ridgewood enjoy spending time with loved ones and having the freedom to take time off when needed. There's no specific hobby that interests them other than physical training. Whether they go swimming at one of their local high schools or go running across the Brooklyn Bridge calling cadence, they make time for it and have fun in the process.

"You have to inspire and lead by example and they'll develop loyalty. They'll do whatever it takes to cross that finish line; they're mission-oriented. They're Marines." 

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