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Snow freezes out Jersey Competitors

By Staff Sgt. Nathan L. Hanks | | October 29, 2004

MARINE CORPS RECRUITING STATION NEW JERSEY -- Recruiting Substation Northwest was the first to close out for Recruiting Station New Jersey when they made their mission for the month October 18.

According to Staff Sergeant Teresa M. Snow, staff noncommissioned officer in charge of RSS Northwest, the success of her substation is a directly attributable to the hard work of her Marines.

“I have a new team in the Northwest area,” Snow said.  “However, one of the keys to my team’s success is that they exhibit “teamwork”. They each have an individual commitment to the team’s success.”

Snow spent 29 months as a recruiter at RSS Northwest before taking the helm as SNCOIC.

It is through her recruiting experience that she has been able to share her knowledge with her new team so they can become more effective recruiters.
One of Snow’s strategies is to overcome concerns immediately on the phone when prospecting.

“When an applicant brings up issues and concerns on the Global War on Terrorism, we address it then and there,” Snow said. “If you wait till later in the interview, you will be spending more time talking about the war instead of the applicant’s true needs.”

According to Snow, she allows her Marines the freedom to do their job.  In return, when the mission is complete, she rewards her team by encouraging them to take time off.

Snow also reiterated that the credit to their success is a daily, engaged commitment to achieving established goals.

RSS Northwest additionally received the honor of being the RSS (Large) for Fiscal Year 2004 for RS New Jersey.  Snow’s exceptional commitment in her former role as a canvassing recruiter and assistant SNCOIC propelled the Commanding Officer of 1st Marine Corps District, Col. Warren J. Foersch to award her an impact Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal on October 28, 2004.

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