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DI sweeps competition, sets records

By Lance Cpl. Robert W. Beaver | | October 26, 2007

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MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT SAN DIEGO --  Staff Sgt. Brian Kiraly rarely found time as a 1st Battalion drill instructor to enjoy his favorite pastime of weight training. After he was assigned as the battalion drill master nearly seven months ago, he found the time and motivation to resume lifting.\

 Since then, he has competed in four weight lifting meets and has dominated his respective class. During his streak, he set four Amateur Athletic Union world records and five American records.

 Recently, Kiraly competed at the AAU Powerlifting World Championships at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Fla., Oct. 10., where he was declared the world champion in four classes.

 Kiraly dead lifted 551.2 pounds, benched 325 pounds and squatted 380 pounds for a combined total of 1256.2, breaking the previous record he set in June.

 "I couldn’t have done this without the continued strength and support from the Marine Corps, my family and God," said Kiraly. "It feels really good to see your hard work materialize in front of your eyes."

 Kiraly defeated 23 of the best amateur competitors from around the world in his class. Kiraly also performed the highest dead lift in his class, which was nearly 25-pounds heavier than second place.

 The 179-pound native of Perrysburg, Ohio, won four raw divisions, which means the competitors use only hand chalk and a weight belt, not performance enhancing equipment such as the wrist and knee wraps and squat suits allowed in other divisions.

 "The AAU is about at the highest level of competition that restricts performance enhancing drugs," said Jason Golec, Kiraly’s weight training coach. "We are doing good in the AAU, so we want to branch out to other leagues."

 Having swept every event since his competitive debut, Kiraly has new goals. On a strict diet and training schedule, he is working toward competing at a higher level within a year. Until then, he plans to attend the AAU event in Las Vegas, Nov. 1.

 More importantly, he said he wants to organize a San Diego-based power lifting team to give others the opportunity that he was not given as a young Marine.

 Additionally, his wants his team to be more than just a powerlifting team. He wants the team built on a positive foundation of morals and actions like weight training without the use of performance enhancing drugs.

 "I want to do what I can to help improve someone’s lifestyle, mind and body," said Kiraly. "It’s a healthy hobby and gives you something to drive for."

 Kiraly’s team is available for anyone who is interested in weight training. If interested, e-mail Kiraly at

 "It takes a lot of pain, sweat and dedication, but it pays off in mind and body," said Kiraly.

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