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Lethal Lima O’Course Obstacles test Marines’ upper body strength, endurance

By Lance Cpl. Carrie Booze | | August 31, 2007


With their adrenaline pumping, Company L Marines stared down the course they were preparing to tackle Aug. 13.

Wearing boots and utility uniforms, the Marines charged the first obstacle letting out a motivational yell as they propelled themselves onto the high bars. Maintaining intensity, the recruits climbed over large walls and launched across wooden hurdles before ending with the rope climb.

The exhausted Marines had to master the technique of using their legs instead of their arms to pull themselves up the 30-foot rope. While touching the wooden beam at the top of the rope, each recruit yelled their senior drill instructor’s name and platoon, announcing their victory.

“At first I lacked confidence in completing the course, but after running it a couple times I knew that I could overcome any obstacles put in front of me,” said Pfc. Kyle Leaich, Platoon 3246.

The Marines transitioned from first phase on the depot to second phase when they traveled north to Edson Range, Camp Pendleton, Calif., where they learned weapons training and completed the Crucible.

Company L Marines were challenged to run the obstacle course once again, this time wearing helmets and load-bearing vests while carrying their rifles during field training.

“After running the obstacle course the first time, it became competitive and we raced between platoons to see who finished the fastest,” said Lance Cpl. Dustin Mueller, Platoon 3245.

Aside from a friendly challenge, the obstacle course is one of the many training methods used to strengthen Marines’ physical abilities and build their confidence.

“Each obstacle is designed to develop agility, coordination and upper-body strength,” said Staff Sgt. David Lee, a Company L drill instructor.

The course is only one milestone in the new Marines’ physical training regimen, which will ensure that Company L will graduate prepared to overcome much larger obstacles.

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