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Headquarters Marines earn bragging rights

By Cpl. Justin Carter | | June 28, 2000

MCRD SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego there were no smiling faces; just war faces.

There would only be one victorious team within Headquarters and Service Battalion.  The two teams, Headquarters Company and Service Company, competed in the battalion's field meet April 19.

Focused, they put on their cammies and laced up their boots.  

"The field meet is always one of my favorite events that we do in this battalion," said Cpl. Kara L. Moore, network technician, Communication Information System Department.  "Competition between Marines is always awesome."

Though this event is not as important as war, it is a chance for Marines to show off their skills.  Winners will have bragging rights until the next field meet.

"Marines live for challenges and winning," said SSgt. Robert L. Thompson, Service Co. acting first sergeant.  "If you can get both of those at the same time and still have fun then you've got something tailor made for Marines."

Service Co. won the last field meet held in October, but that didn't have any effect on the minds of Headquarters Marines, according to 1stSgt. Kerry L. Karnetsky, Headquarters Co., first sergeant.

The field meet had eight events: the officer/staff NCO obstacle course, the obstacle course, weapons relay, dizzy izzy, fireman's carry, the pushup, pull-up, crunch relay, tug of war and run of the ranks.

The first event, the obstacle course, was a blow out.  Headquarters Co. took the lead, leaving Service Co. in the rear with the gear.

Weapons relay was the next event.  Service Co. didn't even have to think about whom would represent their team.  They just sent the Depot armorers to the line.  Of course, as everyone expected, Service Co. had their weapons taken apart and put back together a few seconds after the word, "go."

"Service Co. definitely had a good advantage because of their armorers," said Karnetsky.

The next event was the dizzy izzy, which was described by Marines as the funniest event.  Marines ran about 50 yards, put their foreheads on a bat, spin around on the bat 10 times and run back to their teammates. 

"The dizzy izzy was so funny," said PFC. John M. Kirkpatrick, motion media, combat visual information center, who participated in the dizzy izzy.  "After I finished my tenth turn around the bat I felt I had to do a flip, because I saw all the cameras taking pictures of me."

Headquarters and Service Battalion Marines laughed and hollered at the dizzy Marines.  Headquarters was the first to stumble across the finish line.

The next event was the fireman's carry. Service Co., who ran like Forrest Gump through the jungles of Vietnam, brought themselves closer to tying Headquarters.

The pushups, pull-ups and crunch relay followed the fireman's carry.  Headquarters showed their strength as they increased their lead over Service.

The Tug of War event was no pretty sight for Service Co.  Headquarters showed off their size and power as they pulled their way closer to the final event.

The last event of the Field Meet was the most controversial.  The run of the ranks involved the captains (commanding officers of both companies), followed by master sergeants, gunnery sergeants and all the way down to privates first class.  Service Co. won this event by default due to a Headquarters penalty, forcing a tiebreaker.

The competition level was high as the companies prepared to run for the last event.  Four members from each team would run the length of a football field.

At the word "go" Service Co. took off, barely ahead.  As the race came down to the finish, Headquarters Co. pushed themselves ahead of Service Co., giving them the win.  They were crowned champions of the field meet.

Headquarters and Service Battalion., headed toward the chow that was being served.  The Marines were content with the efforts they had put forth during the field meet.

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