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Family of walk-ins enlist in Hawaii PCS

By | 12th Marine Corps District | October 29, 2002

HILO, Hawaii -- ?If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,? is a rule of thumb that?s been passed down for generations.  That philosophy was put to the test recently when Staff Sergeant Clarence Masayos found himself in the midst of a recruiter?s dream.

Masayos, the lone canvassing recruiter of Permanent Contact Station Hilo, RSS Hawaii, RS Orange, Calif., recruited, contracted and processed three future Marines ? from one family.

?I thought it was too good to be true,? said Masayos, a Palau Islands native.  ?I thought they just wanted to check it out.  But they really wanted to become Marines.?

It was an ordinary day for Masayos when the Brown siblings walked into his office and stated their mission?to become Marines.  Joseph, 21, Chasitie, 19 and Aaron, 18, wasted no time explaining their intentions to Masayos.  They wanted more for themselves and more from life.

Masayos, whose recruiting career includes a tour in Phoenix from 1996 to 1999, said that the siblings explained that they had heard about the Marine Corps experience from a family friend, who had recently returned from basic training, and they were convinced that the Marines Corps path was the one they wanted to take. 

They felt like they were going nowhere.  They wanted opportunities and said that if they were to join anything; it would be the Marine Corps, according to Masayos.  The Browns knew their options in Hilo were limited and they wanted to get off the big island to discover what the world and the Marines had to offer.

Joseph, the oldest, is scheduled to ship to Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, Calif. in November.  He said he had faced some challenging situations in his environment while growing up, and hadn?t always made the right decisions.  The high school they attended had a lot of gang activity, and there was a shooting there during his freshman year.  His concentration and motivation suffered, which led to poor academic performance that year and hanging out with the ?wrong crowd?.  Although he struggled with his grades, he did find solace and joy through sports. 

?Our whole family is athletic,? Joseph said.  ?I think that will make it (boot camp) easier; we all play sports and so the physical part won?t be so bad.

?My biggest challenge so far in life has been graduating high school a year late,? Joseph confessed. 

Since then, Joseph has been working at Pizza Hut and was recently offered a management position.  He said thanks but no thanks.  ?I?m going in the Marines!? 

Once the decision was made, his girlfriend Jessica, who works at the library, helped him study for the ASVAB test.  ?She?s helped me a lot.  It makes it easier to have her supporting my decision,? Joseph said.

Joseph?s ultimate goal is to be a search and rescue diver, take advantage of the college benefits and see Europe or at least some other country. 

?I almost went for the Navy to be a SEAL.  I wanted the challenge,? Joseph said.  ?But I don?t think any of the other services can give me what the Marine Corps can.  I plan to make it a career.?  

Aaron, the youngest of the future Marines, is scheduled to ship June 16, 2003 ? three days before his 19th birthday. 

?My friends think I?m nuts,? Aaron said laughing.  ?They don?t believe I can do it.? Right now, Aaron?s focus and present challenge is waiting for graduation.

Although the island he has grown up on has a bounty of beaches to hone his volleyball skills, he said it doesn?t offer much in the way of job opportunities. 

?I?d like to do something in aviation or maybe firefighting,? Aaron said.  ?And I want to see big cities; just go somewhere far away,? 

?Dad was excited for all of us when we told him,? Chasitie said.  ?He said when we raised our hands, we could leave right then!  I think he wants us to explore other places and opportunities.  He doesn?t want us to miss out on anything.?

Chasitie is scheduled to ship for basic training at MCRD Parris Island, S.C. March 10, 2003, one day after her 20th birthday. 

?This will be my biggest challenge so far in life,? Chasitie said.  ?It?s the physical part that will challenge me; but I?ll make it.?

She has kept herself busy since graduating high school by attending college and studying administrative justice. 

?I?ve always wanted to be an FBI agent,? she said. 

Upon completion of recruit training, she will attend school for her chosen Military Occupational Specialty, military police.  ?I think that will give me some experience and I can get a better edge.?

An edge was definitely what Masayos received when this trio visited him and volunteered their lives to the Marine Corps. 

?I think it?s all pretty exciting,? Masayos said.  ?I?ve never put a family in the Corps before.  These are good, smart kids who want more than this island can offer them.  They want to be Marines.?

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