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12th District sets unprecedented record

By | 12th Marine Corps District | August 22, 2003

12TH MARINE CORPS DISTRICT, Calif. -- The sun was shining and a cool breeze was blowing off the ocean July 2, at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Boat House as 12th Marine Corps District celebrated 100 consecutive months of making mission.

The celebration included a picnic, team sporting events and a tug-o-war competition to top off the day.

Attending the event were Colonels Asher W. Spittler, Thomas Spencer and Angie Salinas, all of who had roles as commanding officers during the district's record-breaking 100 months.

The 100 months, which began in February 1995, under the command of Col. Spittler was never expected to carry such monumental significance.

"When we missed mission that January, it wasn't unusual for us to miss mission probably two times a year," said Col. Spittler.  "It wasn't our first time to miss mission and I thought it wouldn't be our last.  Boy was I wrong."

Colonel Spittler began the legacy that was carried on by three other commanding officers.

Colonel O. J. Milano, who could not attend the celebration but sent his regards to the Marines of the 12th District, carried the torch for 36 months during his tenure as commanding officer of Team 12.

Colonel Thomas Spencer, who succeeded Milano as the leader of Team 12, related a story from his change of command.

"During my change of command I was given a good piece of advice by Col. Milano," he said.  "He told me, 'you got a good thing going, don't screw it up.'"

He didn't, and went on to lead Team 12 for 34 additional mission making months.

Colonel Salinas, the commanding officer that led Team 12 to their unprecedented accomplishment praised the District and her Marines.  She expressed a heartfelt thank you for the their role in completing the benchmark achievement.

"This was a tremendous achievement accomplished by hundreds of Marines who worked tirelessly to find young, highly qualified Americans to take up the challenge of becoming United States Marines," said Col. Salinas.

"Team 12 has a history of doing well for years and this is a milestone of many that are certain to come in the future," she added.  "The Districts success is a direct result of good Marines who are well led by staff noncommissioned officers in charge and good commanders who lead by example."

Major Gen. Jan Huly, commanding general, MCRD San Diego and the Western Recruiting Region, made an appearance at the event and said, "I'm proud to say I am a product of the 12th Marine Corps District."

Major Gen. Huly, who was recruited out of Recruiting Station San Francisco in 1965, praised all three of the commanders for their roles in the continued success of the 12th Marine Corps District.

The Marines of the 12th Marine Corps District were quite proud of their unit's accomplishments and spirits were high as the day progressed with friendly competition on the volleyball and basketball courts, on the District inflatable obstacle course as well as the horseshoe pits. The festivities came to a close with a tug-o-war competition that matched different sections and ranks against each other.

"I am just happy to be here and be a part of history," said Sgt. Christopher Poe, supply clerk, 12th Marine Corps District.

The top Marine form the operations section explained what makes the district so successful.

"Here at the District we acknowledge that mission is first and foremost, but quality of life has a lot to do with our success here at Team 12," said MGySgt. David Savé, contact team chief, 12th Marine Corps District.

At the end of the day Col. Salinas addressed her Marines one last time thanking them again for their role in the District's success.

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