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Recruiting Command debuts new advertising campaign

By Pfc. David Flynn | Marine Corps Recruiting Command | October 28, 2010

MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va. -- The Marine Corps Recruiting Command debuts a new public service advertising campaign, "For Us All", today. The campaign will show America the purpose of service as a Marine; to defend our Nation's freedom and the American way of life.

"For Us All" is intended to raise awareness about the Marine Corps as a service to the nation and will convey the value of that service by speaking to the American public; parents, teachers, mentors, and America's youth.

"This PSA will convey to the general public that Marines come from every community to serve with purpose," said Master Sgt. Chad Isom, advertising chief, Marine Corps Recruiting Command. "Today and throughout our proud history, Marines have sworn to safeguard the nation, our rights, and our way of life through the Corps' values of fidelity, honor, courage, and commitment."

The campaign showcases scenes of Marines serving today and its heritage. The acts of service seen throughout "For Us All" portray how the Marine Corps' purpose of service is to stand for every American.

"For Us All" opens with scenes from a morning colors (flag raising) ceremony. The authentic music of this ceremony continues throughout the entire spot.

"Colors reminds Marines daily of the oath they swore to serve our nation," said Isom.

In addition to the sounds of authentic music heard throughout the spot, another common theme of "For Us All" is the appearance of the American flag. The American flag used for the morning colors ceremony, the flag drawn in a letter from a deployed Marine's child, and the flag atop the Marine Corps War Memorial, all serve as a constant reminder of what Marines around the world are protecting.

"The American flag is in every location where Marines are serving and it seves as a symbol of the purpose Marines serve; for our nation and for us all," said Isom.

"For Us All" closes at the Marine Corps War Memorial, a massive sculpture depicting the iconic scene of Marines raising the American flag during the Battle of Iwo Jima.

"This location provides an expansive context to the Marine Corps' service, which transcends generations, missions, and time," said Isom.

The symbolism used throughout "For Us All" acts to enable viewers to understand the purpose and mission of the Corps and to recognize the necessity of having a Marine Corps.

"Public service messages increase awareness of the Marine Corps and serve to speak to a larger audience," said Isom. "Viewers should recognize that serving as one of the few (a Marine) is an aspirational goal for youth that will lead to a life of purpose and honor."

In order to communicate the Marine Corps' message of service throughout America to as many people as possible; the Recruiting Command will conduct a multi-media campaign. The first phase will consist of approximately 1,400 public service announcements being mailed to television and cable networks. Both, 30 and 60 second spots are expected to be delivered to stations and affiliates by the first week of November.

In addition to television spots, radio and billboard "For Us All" content is currently in production and will be distributed in the coming weeks.

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