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Marine recruiters go high-speed

By Lance Cpl. Kari D. Keeran | Marine Corps Recruiting Command | September 27, 2006

MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va. -- The Marine Corps Recruiting Command began the initial distribution of more than 3,200 new Tablet PC style laptop computers primed to aid recruiting process.

The purpose of the Tablet PCs is not to replace the systematic recruiting process that has made recruiters successful for the past 33 years. The Tablet PC is a tool to enhance systematic recruiting by speeding up the enlistment process of applicants.

“These Tablet PCs will enhance the success of our Marine recruiters,” said Brig. Gen. Richard T. Tryon, commanding general, MCRC. “The systems will help recruiters with speed of execution.”

The Tablet PC is a laptop computer with a rotating screen and a stylus pen that enables recruiters to capture digital signatures. The computer has a special feature where the screen folds down and upright so that the keyboard or mouse doesn’t have to be used, which allows the Tablet PC to operate entirely with the stylus pen.

“These Tablet PCs will replace a lot of the pen and paper methods currently used by recruiters,” said Sgt. Charles J. Fackler, data network specialist, MCRC. “The tablets will offer an automated enlistment package, the capability to fill out security forms, the ability to show advertisements anywhere, as well as the opportunity to check where a recruit is during their training.” 

Another impressive feature of the Tablet PC that will aid recruiters is the insertion of a cellular data card. The cellular data cards work much like a cell phone; they enable the user to access the Internet anywhere in their coverage area.

“The Tablet PC will give recruiters the capability to expose media in a broadband environment rather than having to pull out a pencil and schedule an appointment,” Tryon said. “Every recruiter will also have access to the Marine Corps Recruiting Information Support System with these PCs.” 

The Tablet PCs are the first step of automating the recruiting process. Two short-term goals the command has planned to further this initiative are the development of an automated Marine Corps Opportunities Book, as well as automation of the recruiting volumes. 

The overall goal for the Tablet PCs is to automate systematic recruiting to the greatest extent, said  Capt. Brian L. Fancher, chief technology officer and information systems management officer for MCRC.

“Some initial long-term goals include the capability of sending forms electronically to MEPS, as well as electronic package submission of all forms to the recruit depots,” said Don G. Gendreau, assistant chief of staff for G-6 and command information officer, MCRC.

The recruiting command held a three-day conference at Quantico, Virginia in August to develop a systematic, integrated deployment, and sustainment plan for the delivery of the Tablet PCs. 

Distribution to all districts and every Marine recruiter is anticipated to be completed by the end of January 2007. Once completed, every production recruiter, recruiter trainer, and all information systems support personnel will have their own Tablet PC. 

The recruiter trainers at every level and those who attended the three-day conference will be responsible for training and educating all users, said Gendreau.

The addition of the Tablet PC to the recruiting arsenal will better arm recruiters for continued success in the year’s to come. 

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