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Marine recruiters win trip to Florida

By Master Sgt. James D. Edwards | Marine Corps Recruiting Command | January 16, 2007

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Winners of the Marine Corps Recruiting Command’s Fiscal Year 2007 Fall Recruiting Offensive and their spouses gathered for an awards ceremony and weekend getaway Jan. 12-14 at the Shades of Green, an Armed Forces Recreation resort located in the heart of Walt Disney World.

The Recruiting Command planned the awards ceremony as a national-level initiative to recognize the top three staff noncommissioned officers in charge and top three recruiters from each Marine Corps District.  The six district commanders established evaluation standards for the fall offensive, which took place from Oct. 1, 2006, through Dec. 29, 2006.

“Recruiting is very tough and is challenging, but you Marines have performed exceptionally, and I am proud to be here presenting these well-deserved awards,” said Brigadier General Richard T. Tryon, commanding general, MCRC.  “Before I present the awards and get you out of here to enjoy your time in Orlando, I want to thank the spouses and families for the vital role they contribute to your success.”

In addition to recognizing the Marines, the command also provided funding for each awardees spouse to attend.  During the awards ceremony, the commanding general presented each spouse with a Marine Corps rose pin.

The top SNCOIC and recruiter from each district received a Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for their achievements.  The remaining 24 awardees received Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals.    

The awardees were all proud of their accomplishment, but some were really excited about coming to Disney World to receive the award.

“It is really awesome receiving my first Navy Achievement Medal in this fashion – at Disney World,” said Sgt. Floyd W. Hutto, a recruiter from Recruiting Station Houston, Recruiting Substation Baybrook, Texas.  “Recruiting duty has been very challenging, but rewarding.  When young Marines come home from bootcamp, the change you witness really pushes you to stay on top of your game.  My tour is coming to an end, but I will definitely recommend recruiting duty to my Marines in the fleet.” 

Although not funded by the command, several of the Marines took advantage of this opportunity and also brought their children with them to Orlando.

“My husband always works very hard to accomplish his mission and to support his family,” said Nila Demosthenes, wife of Staff Sgt. Fritz Demosthenes, recruiter, RS Orlando, RSS Lakeland, Florida.  “I always support and back him up.  I’m so happy for him and I’m glad the boys (two sons) and I were able to come and spend this special time with him at Disney World.”

In addition to the awards ceremony, the spouses had a social breakfast with Mrs. Diane Tryon, the commanding general’s wife; the general gave a command brief to the spouses and family members; and the Marines and their families had Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday to enjoy Disney World and the city of Orlando.

“The entire weekend was awesome,” said Amy Geitgey, wife of Gunnery Sgt. Robert A. Geitgey, SNCOIC, RS Louisville, RSS Louisville North. “I really appreciate the general and the command for doing this.  Being able to see my husband recognized for his performance at work and having the opportunity to spend a few days together here in Florida has been a wonderful experience that I won’t forget.”

The Marines all enjoyed the recognition, the time spent with fellow Marines and family, and the break from the day-to-day grind, but no doubt about it, recruiting was still on their minds as they anticipated returning to their stations.

“Although my family was unable to attend, I enjoyed the break from the daily routine and being able to spend time with my fellow Marines,” said Gunnery Sgt. Andrew L. Comrie, SNCOIC, RS Ft. Lauderdale, RSS Ft. Pierce.  “I’m heading home tomorrow to spend some time with my family and then it’s back to the grind.”

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