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Texas students honor Marines

By Capt. Christopher L. Holloway and Staff Sgt. Sandra K. Chiaravallotti | Marine Corps Recruiting Command | April 09, 2003

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Marine Corps' recruiting posters are familiar to those in the Corps and out, offering up timeless images and messages of honor, courage and commitment. So when a dedicated group of former Marines sought to enhance the image of their Web site and help to generate interest in the Marine Corps they turned to...high school students whose work has manifested itself in the form of poster art.

The Marines of Recruiting Station Fort Worth along with the Metroplex Marines Coordinating Council of the Dallas/Fort Worth area have teamed up with the advertising and design students at Dale Jackson Career Center in Lewisville, Texas.

The Metroplex Marines is an organization that allows local Marines and Marine-related organizations to "pass the word" about relevant activities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Rocky Schenck of the Metroplex Marines contacted the Recruiting Station Fort Worth Commanding Officer Maj. James T. Iulo and the Dale Jackson Career Center in December of 2002 regarding support for a poster project.

Their goal was to solicit participation from career center students to increase the visual appeal of the Metroplex Marines website and to help promote the image of the Marine Corps.

"We are constantly upgrading our website, and wanted to promote the Marine Corps," said Schenck. "We also wanted to encourage the students to strive for excellence."

The advertising and design class happily took up the challenge of designing the posters for the Metroplex Marines.

The Dale Jackson Career Center provides classes for six high schools within the Lewisville Independent School District.  Students spend time at their home high schools and are then bussed to the career center to spend three hours learning about creative technologies and professions.

"We wanted to create work relevant to the Marine Corps," said Denise Harman, of the career center's Advertising and Design Department. "Our students were really excited about the project."

The career center was selected as the test-site for the project and based on its success, the contest will open to other schools within the Recruiting Station Fort Worth area.

"I was impressed by the patriotism of the students and the quality of their work," said Iulo. "I am looking forward to expanding the contest to more schools and students."

The test period ended last month, according to Harman. Students were judged on photos, design and video work.  Skill in presentation, originality and technical expertise were key points.  During the test period, an award, certificate and honorarium was presented to one student on a monthly basis who achieved excellence in their field of study and contributed to the upgrade of the Metroplex Marine Web Site.

December's winner, Eric Johnson was inspired by a photo he saw of three Marines.

"I thought about what the Marines are and what they do," he said. "I saw a picture of three Marines standing together, protecting each other.  The idea came into my head from there."

"I liked my poster, but was surprised to hear I won the first month's award," Johnson said. "I thought I could do more with it. I'm working on another one right now."

An overall winner will be chosen during a ceremony in early May.  Sergeant Earl F. Masterson III, of RSS Lewisville, will present a $100 savings bond, donated by the Metroplex Marines, to the winner.

Several posters designs can be seen on the website at

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