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The Unit Personal & Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) provides communication, information and support to the Marine recruiters, support personnel, and their families from the time they are assigned to us on independent duty to the time their tour ends.

The UPFRP supports the 4th District Commander's commitment to family support and "taking care of our own".  To achieve this there is a District Readiness Coordinator (DRC) at the District level in addition to each Recruiting Station’s (RS) Active Duty Uniformed Readiness Coordinator (URC).  While the DRC supports all the Marines and families within the District as a whole, the URC works closely with the Marines and families within their area.  The program out here on Recruiting Duty can look a little different than what you may be familiar with from a base, however the key tenets of the program are the same.

Communication:  The main objective is to provide timely and relevant communication to all the Marines and families attached to 4th MCD, either through the DRC, or via the local information from the URC at the RS.  Additionally, we act as a conduit for communication back to the Command from the Marines and their families on issues and concerns that they may be having, using this information to help share support efforts and training opportunities.

Information & Resource Referral:  Perhaps the largest portion of the work done is making sure that Marines and families have the information about various resources available to them, especially given the unique nature of this independent duty.  The hard work and support of Family Readiness Volunteers assist us in making sure we are providing the best level of I&RR we can. 

Unit Personal & Family Readiness Training:  Within the District we have trainers that can provide workshops on various topics to help Marines and families succeed and thrive while on independent duty.  Time is our most precious resource on this duty, while the Marines will not be deploying for long stretches at a time, they do work long and hard hours.  All of the traditional training opportunities that you would find on a base are available to us here, though not always in the same way you may be used to!  We tailor our trainings to meet the needs of the Marines and family members, as well as offer unique training opportunities that you will not find on an installation. 

Volunteer Program:  A solid Personal & Family Readiness Program benefits from a dedicated group of volunteers that help share their knowledge and skills with those around them.  The DRC and URCs within the District work hard to encourage and engage the volunteer program to ensure that while on an independent duty, no Marine or family feels as if they are going it alone.  We always encourage spouses and family members to reach out if they are interested in assisting with outreach and communication efforts as a Family Readiness Volunteer for the RS.  We are working on expanding our efforts and would love to have 1 volunteer for each Recruiting Sub-Station within the RS locations so that everyone feels connected and supported throughout this duty!

Please have a look at the Welcome Guides that are posted on the right had side of this page for more information about the duty.

Every Recruiter will attend Basic Recruiters Course (BRC) at Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) in San Diego, California.  About half way through this course there will be an Assignment Day, where the Marine will find out which Recruiting Station they will be assigned to.  On this day the DRC will brief the Marines and have them begin the process for getting themselves and their families connected; this will either be done in person or via a video call to the Marines.  Once this information is back with the DRC you should see an email that will have quick links to important information and your RS Points of Contacts, and a copy of the welcome guides shown here.  If you are an A billet, meaning not a recruiter, you should receive an email from the DRC shortly after you appear on our inbound roster, and later an outreach from the RS staff.  While the information on Recruiting duty may not seem as beneficial to you, it is good to understand what the Marines you support actual do, and the rest of the welcome guide still has some solid information for you.

If you did not receive this email, feel free to contact the DRC directly through the link on the top right of the page; all types of things happen when you try and transcribe handwritten email addresses. 

Also, have a look at the other Helpful Resources and Helpful Links listed here to get you started in the right direction.  Along the way reach out and ask any questions that may come to mind so that we can best support you on this transition.


Some Special Items unique to Recruiting Duty:

Recruiting 101:  Each RS conducts a Proficiency and Review (PAR) training for the Marines once they are checked in; generally speaking they each have a time set aside to welcome in the spouses of those married Marines as well and conduct Recruiting 101 for them to help get them settled in and have an idea of what Recruiting Duty is all about.  Talk with your Marine or URC to find out when the next PAR training will be once you are at the RS.  This training takes place roughly every two months, so if you miss the one your Marine is a part of, talk with them about the option of attending the next PAR training during the family welcome portion.

District Spouse Orientation Course (DSOC):  Here at 4th District, this event is a labor of love, and we dedicate a great deal of resource and effort to make it amazing each and every time.  DSOC is hosted three times a year in various locations across the Area of Operations (AO).  Each RS has one opportunity a year to send spouses to this event.   It is a 3 day workshop event that covers topics from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, personality insights, Recruiting 101, personal safety, organization and goal planning, and stress management, and a talk with the Colonel and Sergeant Major of the district. Spouses are also able to meet and connect with others within their RS as well as their general geographic area; building their network of support while here on recruiting duty.  You can contact the DRC or your URC for more information on the upcoming DSOC for your RS. 


Uniformed Readiness Coordinator (URC):  Recruiting Station URCs are active duty Marines stationed within each RS.  Their role is to provide on the ground support via communication, and information & resource referral.  Each URC also oversees the volunteer program within the RS, welcoming in new families and offering support with challenges they may face. Within our district, the URCs are also the Assistant Recruiter Instructor (ARI).  They are your first line of contact for information on the area, or questions or concerns about anything Personal and Family Readiness.

District Readiness Coordinator (DRC):  Harmony Hutman, located at 4th Marine Corps District HQ in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania.  Her job includes support and training of staff, Marines, and family members; information dissemination, and long-term family readiness issues.  She works closely with each URC at the RS locations to assist them with information and resource referral as well as handle readiness issues that they may not be familiar with.  The goal of the DRC is to support general Personal and Family Readiness issues that affect the entire District.  This does not mean that DRC is not also connected to the families, in fact they also act as a conduit for Marines, spouses, or family members to reach out to with questions and concerns.  The DRC will also pass along information to everyone in the district from time to time as a supplement to the work of the URCs.  Additionally, the DRC is a point of contact for issues related to the Exceptional Family Member Program and Tricare, two things not normally done by the UPFRP.


Contact information for your DRC/URCs:

District Headquarters and PSR:  Harmony Hutman          717-836-0980

RS Cleveland:  GySgt Derel Carpenter                            330-310-4844

RS Columbus:  SSgt Cristina Young                               304-550-6950

RS Frederick:  GySgt James Blake                                  301-688-2025

RS Lansing:  GySgt Jeremy Gilkerson                             517-351-5515

RS Louisville:  GySgt David Metzner                             304-523-1717

RS Nashville:  MSgt Adam Kenner                                 843-441-3006

RS Raleigh:  GySgt Emmanuel Soto                               980-439-2637

RS Richmond:  GySgt Christopher Bangert                     804-272-0442





Family Readiness Officer (717) 770-4788

Email: harmony.hutman@marines.usmc.mil

Mail: 4th Marine Corps District
          54 M Ave, Suite 9, 
         New Cumberland, PA   17070-0806