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The Marine Corps is striving to improve the motorcycle mishap rate by ensuring all Marines have the appropriate motorcycle training. In reference to MARADMIN 707/08, all marines must take the Motorcycle Safety Foundations (MSF) Basic Rider Course (BRC) as well as either the Experienced Rider Course (ERC/BRC 2) or the Advanced Rider Course (ARC). Military Sportbike Rider Course (MSRC) is available for sportbike riders as their advanced level training. The ERC/BRC 2, ARC or MSRC should be taken within 180 days of completing the BRC. Marines should consider signing up for these courses as early as possible to avoid possible waiting lists. 
  • Basic Rider Course (BRC) - The BRC is a two-day course that covers basic motorcycle riding techniques such as stopping, turning, and counter-steering. This course must be taken within 60 days of purchasing a motorcycle. Without BRC training, Marines cannot register their bikes on base.
  • Advanced Rider Course (ARC) – The ARC is intended as level 2 training for ALL TYPES of Motorcycles. This course satisfies the follow on and 5 year refresher training requirements for all bike types. The ARC is a one-day course that further elaborates good riding habits covered in the BRC.
  • Experienced Rider Course & Basic Rider Course 2 (ERC/BRC 2) - The BRC2 is a level 2 class that meets the 3 year refresher requirement for all bikes. If you ride a sport bike and this is your FIRST level 2 course you need to take the ARC. This course is a follow-up course to the ERC/BRC 2 is a one-day course that further elaborates good riding habits covered in the BRC and discusses skills needed for survival in traffic.
  • Military Sportbike Rider Course (MSRC) - The MSRC is a “next-level” training course required for sportbike riders who have completed the BRC. This one-day course consists of approximately three hours of classroom interactive lessons and four hours of on-cycle range time.
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For more information contact:
  • Your local safety office or unit safety representative
  • District Motorcycle President or RS Motorcycle Representative
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