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Recruiting Station Los Angeles


Recruiting Station Los Angeles

12th Marine Corps District

6230 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, California 91401

The Basic Career Planner Course provides students with the basic capabilities necessary to obtain the primary MOS of Career Planner (4821) and to execute Headquarters Marine Corps enlisted retention policies.  Career Planners are the key to achieving these objectives.  Training includes detailed instruction in the following areas: Screening, Interviewing, Processing, Benefits, Sales and Administration necessary to implement the “contact to contract” process.


The course incorporates the ideas that have evolved from the Recruiting and Retention Training and Readiness (T&R) Manual, Course Content Review Board, Enlisted Retention Task Force, and Sergeants Major Symposiums.  Training takes place in a state of the art classroom and group rooms.

BCPC Class Schedule


                  Check-In         Graduation
          1-20        21 Oct 2019       18 Dec 2019 
          2-20        02 Jan 2020        26 Feb 2020 
          3-20        27 Apr 2020       17 Jun 2020