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Career Recruiter Course

The mission of the Career Recruiter Course is to prepare selected Career Marines to serve in the primary Military Occupational Specialty of Career Recruiter 8412. The course provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes formal lectures and professional discussions on the following areas:

  • Advanced Effective Training Techniques (AETT)
  • Marine Corps Performance, Programming and Philosophy (MCP3)
  • Marine Corps Ethics/ Leadership
  • RS Programs Analysis
  • RS Command Group Functions
  • Officer Selection Team Functions
  • Training and Development
  • Marine Corps Quality Control Procedures

Students will have a few miscellaneous expenses upon arrival to the Career Recruiter Course:

*School PT Shirts* $20.00

*Class Social*         $10.00

Uniform of the Day:    Mon-Wed (Seasonal Utility Uniform) MARPAT                            

                                     Thurs-Fri (Seasonal Dress Uniform) Dress "D" Dress "C"

Administrative Day 1:  0800 Check in at the Career Recruiter Course Classroom located at MCRD San Diego, CA School Building 27 1ST Floor @ North end of the building.

Graduation Day :         Graduation will go at  0800 don't plan returning flights earlier than 1300

Welcome Aboard

Congratulations Marines! You have passed the initial screening process for assignment as a Career Recruiter. You can be proud of the fact that your Marine Corps record and your performance on recruiting duty have placed you within an elite group of Marines. The mere fact that you have been selected to hold the MOS 8412, is representative of not only your past performance but most importantly on your future potential as an asset for the Marine Corps Recruiting Command. Successful completion of Career Recruiter Course is the last step in your assignment as a Career Recruiter. Your preparation to attend Career Recruiter Course will be critical to ensure this course will be another accomplishment in your military career. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the course requirements and check-in procedures available on this site.

If you have any question please call MSgt Williams (925)487-0223 or MSgt Rogers (715)219-5070

FY 17 Course Dates


Career Recruiter Course:

      Pick Up                                         Graduation

 1-18 18 Jan 2018                               21 Feb 2018

 2-18 16 Mar 2018                              18 Apr 2018

 3-18  20 Jul 2018                               22 Aug 2018

 4-18 13 Sep 2018                              17 Oct 2018