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Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Leadership and Character Development Academy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What are the dates for the 2019 Summer Leadership and Character Development Academy?

A1: The 2019 SLCDA will be held July 15 - 20, 2019.


Q2: Where is the SLCDA held?

A2: The SLCDA is held in Quantico, Virginia.


Q3: How old do I have to be in order to apply?

A3: Students must have completed their sophomore year in high school and be 16-18 years of age by the program start
date (July 15, 2019).


Q4: Do I have to be in high school in order to apply?

A4: Yes. Each applicant must have completed their sophomore year and be a rising junior or senior.


Q5: Is there a waiver for the age requirement?

A5: Unfortunately, at the present time we do not accept waivers for age requirements.


Q6: How much do I have to pay for this program?

A6: The program is completely free! Additionally, if requested, travel expenses are provided.


Q7: How will I know if I got selected?

A7: An approved list will be released via the official SLCDA website and SLCDA Facebook at the end of April.


Q8: How much money should I bring?

A8: Purchases are optional during SLCDA. Souvenirs are available at various locations, so those attending should bring
the amount they feel necessary.


Q9: Will I have access to the internet via WiFi?

A9: Yes. WiFi access will be available via a cradle point, although it may be slow due to location.


Q10: What is the SLCDA board looking for in applicants?

A10: The selection board for SLCDA looks for students with strong academics (minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale, or equivalent),
who have participated in athletic, leadership, and service-oriented activities, perform well on the Initial Strength Test, possess
leadership traits, and possess strong moral and ethical standards.


Q11: Will signing up for SLCDA sign me up for the Marine Corps?

A11: No. Students of past programs have been motivated to join the Marine Corps after graduating from the program, but the
intent of the program is to return students back to their communities more confident, selfless and better equipped to improve
the lives of those around them.


Q12: What does SLCDA prepare me for?

A12: Over the course of the week, students will be challenged to step outside of their comfort zone and to strengthen their
confidence and leadership skills, so that they can return back to their communities more confident, selfless and better
equipped to improve the lives of those around them.


Q13: How often is the SLCDA?

A13: The SLCDA is held once annually in July.


Q14: What is SLCDA?

A14: The academy is a community outreach and social connection program developed by Marine Corps Recruiting
Command, which revolves around three pillars: character development, leadership and ethics. It was created to allow
the students to experience ethical decision-making scenarios that simulate world events that young Marines face in
daily life, garrison, or even combat.


Q15: What kind of activities will I participate in during SLCDA?

A15: During the week-long academy, the students are exposed to the Marine Corps’ core values of honor, courage and
commitment, while learning and practicing concepts of leadership and service to others. The students hear from notable
leaders from across the country, such as entrepreneurs, Holocaust survivors and Marine Corps officers. Additionally,
physical fitness is also emphasized through physical training and scenario-based reaction courses.


Q16: Where will I stay/sleep during SLCDA?

A16: Students will be housed in squad bays aboard Camp Upshur, a training area aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico. 


Q17: What gear will I need to pack?

A17: A required packing list will be sent to selected students. The list includes athletic shorts, athletic socks, undergarments,
towels, toiletries and shower shoes, running shoes, a wrist watch, appropriate civilian attire, and a government or school
issued photo ID. 


Q18: Where can I apply to the SLCDA?

A18: For more information on the SLCDA program, or to apply or nominate a student to the program, visit https://slcda.marines.com.


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