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Timothy A. Bodenhamer, a future Marine with Recruiting Sub-Station Costa Mesa, Recruiting Station Orange County, poses for a photo in Costa Mesa, California on Dec. 10, 2021. Staff Sgt. Aaron Cerulle, a recruiter with Recruiting Sub-Station Costa Mesa, Recruiting Station Orange County, exclaims Bodenhamer is one of the most motivated future Marines within the Delayed Entry Program, and is driven towards being a part of a new founded family tradition by following in his brother's footsteps. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Sarah Ralph)

Photo by Sgt. Sarah Ralph


18 Jan 2022 | Sgt. Sarah Ralph 12th Marine Corps District

Timothy Bodenhamer knew at a young age that he wanted to join the United States Marine Corps. When Bodenhamer was a sophomore in high school, his older brother, Torsten, a senior at the time, decided he wanted to become a Marine. When Torsten became a part of the Delayed Entry Program (DEP), a program that prepares future Marines for the rigors of recruit training, he was inspired. His older brother went to recruit training in October of 2019, and went on to become a communications Marine. Through the past few years, Bodenhamer has stayed in contact with his older brother, who is currently stationed in Lejune, North Carolina, and was consistently being mentored by him to consider the Marine Corps.

“I wanted to become physically better, and it wasn’t until last year that I truly became serious about where my career path would go,” says Bodehamer. “I decided I wanted to follow in my brother's footsteps and since then, it’s become my goal to become a Marine.”

The beginning of Bodenhamer’s junior year of high school, he decided to start attending Recruiting Sub-Station Costa Mesa’s physical training every Tuesday and Thursday. Soon after attending a few training sessions, Bodenhamer became a part of the DEP.

“One of my biggest motivations is to start a family legacy and obtain the skills to succeed in life,” says Bodenhamer. “I want to be a role model for my future kids to see, and have the ability to provide them with the same opportunity.”

The parents of the Bodenhamer family are supportive of their two sons and the choices they have made about joining the Marine Corps. Bodenhamer is an extremely motivated individual who already excels at a higher level than the average 17 year old. If desired, he could obtain his associate degree by the time he graduates high school.

Something that Bodenhamer is looking forward to within the Marine Corps is the ability to travel. “I cannot wait to get the chance to travel the world, and to gain the brotherhood that comes with being a part of the Corps,” explains Bodenhamer. “I want stories that I will be able to tell until I'm too old to talk about them, and the friends I’ll have for life from this experience.”

Bodenhamer will be going into the career field of military security guard, and would like to be stationed anywhere in the world. “I like the uncertainty that comes with the job, and the fact that there is always a chance to go somewhere new,” says Bodenhamer.

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