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NTT Points of Contact


CWO5 Chris Mayfield (NTT Training Officer)


MGySgt Aaron Kerley (NTT Training Chief)


MSgt Michael Rudin (NTT Course Chief)

  • Oversee any and all courses provided by the NTT.


MSgt Michael Taft (Officer Procurement Course Head)

  • Assistant for Officer Procurement Course
  • Officer Selection Officer Course
  • Officer Selection Assistant Course
  • Human Resources Assistant Course


MSgt Victor Montanez (Executive Recruiting Course Head)

  • Recruiting Management Course
  • Executive Officer Course
  • Operations Course
  • Recruiting Instructor Course
  • Assistant Recruiting Instructor Course


MSgt Paul Tritch (Career Recruiter Course, Course Head) 

  • Career Recruiter Course


MGySgt Jose Alvarez (Prior Service Recruiting Training Chief) 

  • Prior Service Recruiting SNCOIC Course


General questions may be directed to any member of the NTT at (703)784-9678 or:

Lasette Doherty (Training Specialist)


Marine Corps Recruiting Command