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Family Readiness

The Unit Personal & Family Readiness Program provides information and support to the Marine recruiters, support personnel, and their families from the time they are selected for independent duty to the time their tour ends.

The Unit Personal & Family Readiness Program supports the 4th District Commander's commitment to family support and "taking care of our own".  To achieve this there is a Family Readiness Coordinator at the District level in addition to each Recruiting Station’s (RS) Active Duty Deputy Family Readiness Officer (DFRO).  While the FRC supports all the Marines and families within the District as a whole, the DFRO works closely with the Marines and families within that area.  Some facets of the Personal & Family Readiness Program are:

Communication:  The main objective is to provide timely and relevant communication to all the Marines and families attached to 4th MCD.  Additionally, we act as a conduit for communication back to the Command from the Marines and their families on issues and concerns that they may be having.

Information & Resource Referral:  Perhaps the largest portion of the work done is making sure that Marines and families have the information about various resources available to them, especially given the unique nature of this independent duty.  The hard work and support of Family Readiness Volunteers assist us in making sure we are providing the best level of I&RR we can.

Unit Personal & Family Readiness Training:  Within the District we have trainers that can provide workshops on various topics to help Marines and families succeed and thrive while on independent duty.  With workshops including Volunteer Training, Marriage Enrichment, Personality, Stress Management, and many more, there are workshops for everyone: Marines, spouses, and children.

Volunteer Program:  A solid Personal & Family Readiness Program benefits from a dedicated group of volunteers that help share their knowledge and skills with those around them.  The FRC and DFROs within the District work hard to encourage and engage the volunteer program to ensure that while on an independent duty, no Marine or family feels as if they are going it alone.

 Topics of support include:

 Family Service Center liaison.
 Religious programs
 Morale, Welfare and Recreation
 Educational support.
 Finance and Taxes
 Exceptional Family Member Program.
 Family Advocacy
 Emergency services
 Family Readiness training and support

District Family Readiness Coordinator:  Harmony Hutman, located at 4th Marine Corps District HQ.  Her job includes support and training of staff, Marines, and family members; information dissemination, and long-term family readiness issues.

Deputy Family Readiness Officers (FRO):  Recruiting Station Deputy FROs are active duty Marines stationed within each RS.  Their role is to provide on the ground support via communication, and information & resource referral.  Each DFRO also oversees the volunteer program within the RS, welcoming in new families and offering support with challenges they may face.

 Contact information for the RS Deputy FROs:

RS Charleston: GySgt Shaune Hersey  (304) 302-0537 ext. 314
RS Cleveland: SSgt Dennis Vana  (440) 243-4010
RS Detroit: GySgt Nickolas Mitchell  (248) 219-3736
RS Frederick: GySgt Donald Wetzel (240) 217-3825

RS Lansing: MSgt Kenneth Murillo (517) 582-1415
RS Louisville: SSgt Valencia Nash(502) 582-6600
RS Raleigh: GySgt Justin Osburn (919) 874-2175
RS Richmond: GySgt Robert Blake (804) 272-0458 ext. 202




Family Readiness Officer (717) 770-4788

Email: harmony.hutman@marines.usmc.mil

Mail: 4th Marine Corps District
          54 M Ave, Suite 9, 
         New Cumberland, PA   17070-0806

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