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4th Marine Corps District


4th Marine Corps District

Marine Corps Recruiting Command

RS Cleveland brings females together to improve fitness, knowledge

By T. M. Stewman | | November 27, 2013


More than 35 female poolees from Recruiting Station Cleveland participated in an all-female pool function, Nov. 23, as a way to come together as a group and gain insight on all things Marine.

The event was hosted at the Crossfit Box in Strongsville, Ohio and featured a workout that was followed by a question and answer period, which served as a way to clarify any questions or concerns they had about recruit training or life as a Marine.

“It was the least I could do, having the ladies come out in preparation for boot camp,” said Nick Strazar, owner of Crossfit Box. “They are always welcome to come in and get a great workout.”

Though the workout was an important aspect of the event, it was about more than just breaking a sweat.

“We have female poolees spread throughout our area of operations, so it’s good to get them all together as a group,” said Staff Sgt. Greg Markley, RS Cleveland program specialist. “It gives them the chance to get to know each other and lean on each other for support.”

The workout challenged the poolees’ overall functional fitness, but with the ongoing implementation of pull-ups for female Marines, an emphasis was made to help build upper body strength.

 “Young female poolees and recruits are currently facing some unprecedented changes and challenges never seen before,” said Maj. Jonathan Glover, RS Cleveland commanding officer. “With the changes of pull-ups for females, the opening of once closed military occupational specialties and the potential opportunity to attend School of Infantry, it is important that we prepare them for those things.”

The poolees were able to gain invaluable knowledge about life during recruit training and in the Marine Corps from female Marines with an array of different experiences, rank and time in service.

“These pool functions serve as a way to give the poolees the tools to be successful as a recruit and throughout their time as a Marine,” said Glover.

The recruiting station has decided to have these functions more frequently, seeing that there is a true benefit for the females in the pool.

The next event is planned for February, where they will be given the chance to use the Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer.