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Sub-station's positive attitude leads to success

By Sgt. David J. Drafton | | May 14, 2005

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Less than 10 months ago, Recruiting Sub-station Greensboro, Recruiting Station Raleigh, was a struggling station.  During the third quarter of fiscal year 2004, Gunnery Sgt. Alex Quiles, a Winston-Salem native, took over as noncommissioned officer in charge of the station.

At that point, there was a noticeable change in production.  So much of a change that Quiles went on to achieve a 2.0 annual percentage rate per recruiter and was ranked tenth amongst NCOICs in the district.  The station was also home to two of Raleigh’s top ten recruiters for FY 2004.

Quiles, who is on his second tour of recruiting, says, “I enjoy winning. My recruiters have a winning mentality.”  He takes a different approach to this duty than many NCOICs on the streets.

Quiles works his recruiters hard Monday through Thursday.  During this time, “you must make quality appointments.  Quality appointments make quality interviews, which lead to good (new working applicants), and that means contracts.”  Fridays, he conducts sector training and allows the Marines to learn from each other.  Friday evenings and Saturdays are usually reserved for family.

Quiles doesn’t push for the end of the month “made mission, gone fishing” idea.  He allows his recruiters personal time throughout the month.  He says, “My Marines need to be recharged often and some can’t wait until the weekend to do so. When I cut them loose I want them to concentrate on family not on recruiting.”

Quiles enjoys his work because it lets him feel as if he is making a difference.  “I just want to afford these kids the same benefits that I have gained in my 17 years in the Corps.”

Staff Sgt. Rolando McLeod, native of Southern Pines, N.C., has been on recruiting duty for over a year.  He believes, “We (RSS Greensboro recruiters) are able to make mission and have time off because we maintain a focus of making phase line and all of the other goals set by District.  You make phase line, you make mission.  The key to recruiting is focus.”

McLeod, formerly a member of the All-Marine Basketball team, stated he went on recruiting duty because, “I saw what I could do for the Marine Corps.  We make mission for the commanding officer.  If he’s successful, we’re successful.”

When it comes to McLeod’s quality of life, “It is good all month long as long as I am putting bodies down range.”

He attributes this to being able to take time during the month to do other things.  “I don’t get to play (basketball) as much as I would like to, but I still have personal time to do the things that I need and want to,” said McLeod. 

He says, “To be a thriving recruiter, you have to learn to blend your personal time with making phase line during the month.”

This plan of attack seems to be very useful.  RSS Greensboro continues to lead RS Raleigh each quarter and is already on the way to making RSS of the Year for FY 2005.

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