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Candidates Tackle O'Course

By SSgt. Matt Olivolo | | November 22, 2000

1ST MARINE CORPS DISTRICT, N.Y. -- Motivation is the only driving force that pushes individuals to the limit.  Future officers of Marines felt a little of that motivation while running through an obstacle course at SUNY Maritime College recently.

More than 24 Officer Selection Applicants ran through the obstacle course for a little pre-training before shipping out to Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia.

SSgt. Roderick David, Officer Selection Assistant and a corpsman escorted the applicants down in a van.  Before the applicants went through the course, David explained and demonstrated the proper way to tackle the course.  Once the entire course was explained, the applicants were ready.

As they lined up, the excitement filled their eyes.  For some of the applicants, this was their first experience with the obstacle course.  Some of them even looked a little frightened.

One by one, the applicants ran through the course.  Some of them flew threw the course as if it took no effort at all.  Others really struggled to get over some of the obstacles that required lots of upper body strength.  For those that were having problems, the other candidates cheered them on for motivation.  Although this is an individual experience, when all of the candidates are cheering each other on it makes for a more team environment.

?Although I had already been through OCS, this type of training helped me succeed,? explained John Kearns, a graduate of SUNY Stony Brook.  ?While I was at OCS, some of the other candidates had a rough time getting through the course.  Thanks to the New York OSO Team, I was prepared.?

Even though some of the candidates had been through the course before, none of them seem to have an easy time on the ropes.

?The O?Course is still challenging regardless of how many times you have gone through it,? said Kearns.

Training candidates before leaving for OCS is extremely important for RS New York OSOs and OSAs. 

?The level of success of our OSO candidates down at OCS is due to the dedication of the OSO NY team,? exclaimed David.  ?We are at the pinnacle of success.  Prior training can determine the success or failure of an individual.?

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