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Marine PSA Hits Target Audience in Times Square

By SSgt Matt Olivolo | | May 30, 2001

NEW YORK -- In Times Square, advertisers flock to billboard and television companies to market their company or products.  Some people refer to Times Square as the "Mecca" of the advertising industry. 

Well-established companies advertise in Times Square for the simple reason of the amount of people that travel through New York City each year.  In fact, in Times Square alone, more than 27 million national and international tourists pass by billboards and large-television screens each year.

Unfortunately for smaller companies, it is too expensive to advertise in Times Square.

However, thanks to Jessica Wiland of Xtronx Worldwide Media Group, the Marine Corps has joined the large corporations of the world at Times Square. 

Located off of 42nd Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue, the Marine Corps Public Service Announcement (PSA) is proudly being played.  With hundreds of thousands of people each day passing by this location, the Corps hopes to inspire a few individuals wanting to take a different path in life.  Although it is hard to measure the actual effectiveness a commercial may have on an individual, it has been proven that consistency is the key when advertising. 

For the next six months, the Marine Corps PSAs "Rite of Passage" and "Family Portraits" will air at Times Square.  People passing by will be able to see J. Walter Thompson's creation of a Marine going through tough obstacles; symbolizing the daily tests we as Marines go through.

Dollar figures are what really make people realize the importance of the PSA program. Thanks to Xtronx, a partner of CBS, the Corps has had free advertising equating to more than $200,000 in a six-month time frame.

According to Wiland, she is proud to help the Marine Corps in their recruiting mission.

"The Marines are a very important organization," explained Wiland.  "What better way to help celebrate 225 years of honorable service than giving back a little of what Marines have earned." 

Wiland was very enthusiastic about helping the Corps, while at the same time hoping to build a relationship. 

"In the advertising community, building relationships is the most important aspect.  While helping the Corps we want to have a long-standing relationship for future endeavors."

"We are very thankful to have Xtronx help our PSA program," said Radhika Rathore, 1st Marine Corps District advertising representative.  "It's companies like Xtronx that help the Corps remain number one in of the Department of Defense in all aspects."

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