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Providence the best in the RSS

By | | November 22, 2002

MARINE CORPS RECRUITING SUBSTATION PROVIDENCE, RI -- Recruiting Substation Providence has outperformed the competition to become the 1st Marine Corps District's Recruiting Substation of they Year for fiscal year 2002.

For the Providence Marines the award is great, but it is not why they do so well.  They attribute the majority of their success to hard work and training.

"I group training every Friday, but I do training everyday," said Gunnery Sgt. Gregory M. Cramer, RSS Providence noncommissioned officer in charge.  "It might be 30 minutes here, an hour there, two hours there, but I do the majority of training on Friday as a whole, because we're a family out here ... "I don't want them to get complacent.  I am hard on them at the same time understanding.  My relationship with them is a coach and a teacher."

Cramer bases his training on selling skills and real-life scenarios.  Often times he has his recruiters go through different role-playing scenarios that they will encounter while talking to applicants.  For example, one recruiter will play an applicant who has no interest in the Marine Corps because he is going to college and the other Marine will be the recruiter who will show him how the Marine Corps can help accomplish that goal and more.

"The primary thing is know what you are selling," said Staff Sgt. Michael A. Cianci.  "The second most important thing is the ability to get these individuals to listen to you and trust you, and to know that you are not just a sales man trying to make a number."

Although Cramer puts a lot of stock into his training, it is not the only reason RSS Providence is so successful.  The Marines are also extremely determined and hard working, according to Cramer.  They put in many hours in order to get the message of the Marine Corps in the hands of the public.

"Come to work to work, and always try to be more knowledgeable everyday," said Cramer when giving advice on how to remain successful.  "Learn something new everyday and be smarter than your average bear.  The Marines want to work they want to win, they want to be successful and apply the training that is being taught."

The Marines also help each other out.  If one recruiter learns something or encounters a situation that he or she feels will help the others out, then they share the knowledge and benefit as a team.

"I tell them from any situation that I have come up," said Sgt. Kelvin M. Grant.  "I tell how I handled it and how I talked to them using myself as an example that's the way I teach them.  I lead by example, hands on."

Motivation also plays an important role in the success of RSS Providence.  According to the Providence recruiters, Cramer's level of enthusiasm for the job and his never-quit attitude inspire them to do their best each day.

"My motivation is not for a plaque or an eagle," admits Cramer.  "My motivation is to help people out.  My motivation is to get my Marines promoted and get them awards.  Of course working with my poolees as well.  Week by week, month by month, watching them improve.  That's the kind of thing I like ... I'm dedicated to systematic recruiting and training Marines.  This is the Marine Corps, it is something that I love very dearly.  It's an honor to represent 1st Marine Corps District and Springfield, but I get satisfaction watching my Marines faces when they are happy from winning something like this."

Despite the fact that RSS Providence Marines are not out for an award it is hard to ignore the fact that they had the NCOIC of the Year, Recruiter of the Year and also the RSS of the Year.  This all-star team offers only one word of advice for those who are thinking about joining the recruiting field:  "Don't listen to all the horror stories about recruiting, because it's not bad, its actually a good thing for you to do to help yourself out and help these kids out" explains Grant.  "Listen and do what you know is right and give a hundred percent."

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