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‘Remote Control’ gives Marines new, high-impact training venue

By Lance Cpl. Robert W. Beaver | | October 26, 2007

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MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT SAN DIEGO -- I recently experienced a first in my repetitive lifestyle. As a Marine, I am required to maintain and re-qualify for specific individual training standards every year.

 The ITS cover everything from ensuring Marines are trained riflemen, to improving our roles as better family members and American citizens.

 Unfortunately, the methods in which we receive our training are often dry, causing me to slip into a coma-like state—they usually aren’t the most exciting or effective learning environments. I learn best from my mistakes and by analyzing my thoughts and actions.

 To make a long story shorter, let’s go back to what I said earlier about my first experience—and yes, it was a privilege.

 The experience wasn’t my first PME, obviously, but it was the first time I sat through an interesting approach to learning about similar subjects - domestic violence and sexual assault.

 The depot Family Advocacy Center presented “Remote Control”—an interactive play that explored issues, beliefs and attitudes associated with domestic violence and sexual assault.

 Three actors from Deana’s Educational Theater in Stoneham, Mass., performed the play, which suggested ideas and effective communication for preventing assault, and promoting healthy decision making.

 The plot focused on a character named Nat, who introduced two friends, Chip and Teresa, who later developed a monogamous relationship.

 Early into their relationship, Chip began to show a controlling and manipulative attitude toward his girlfriend Teresa.

 Between scenes, Nat would lead a discussion with the audience where he identified abusive behavior patterns within the relationship.

 I found this interaction between scenes a helpful and effective way for me to learn. I remained focused and interested, unlike during “death by powerpoint” presentations.

 As the play progressed, so did the abuse in their relationship. Problems ranged from Chip telling Teresa to remove her contacts from her cellular phone to Teresa telling a friend about a date rape.

 Once the relationship hit its peak and issues were identified, solutions began to happen.

 The play was a great learning experience because it broke down issues simplistically.

 Looking back on life, I grew up around families and friends where domestic abuse was common, and I see it continuing in the world around me.

 I sometimes have trouble seeing past what is directly in front of me, yet “Remote Control” was successful in helping me see the bigger picture.

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