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Marine Corps Recruiting Command

Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va.

3280 Russell Road, 2nd Floor Quantico, Va. 22134
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Recruits get physical for graduation

By Lance Cpl. Dorian Gardner | | January 20, 2006

MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT SAN DIEGO -- The physical fitness test is one of the many events demanded from each recruit on the depot.

In order for a recruit to proceed to the School of Infantry, he must first pass his final inspection, complete field training, pass rifle qualification and meet minimum requirements for the Marine PFT.

The PFT is a three-part assessment that tests their physical conditioning and endurance. Three pull-ups, 44 crunches and a three-mile run in 28 minutes are the minimum requirements to pass the PFT.

Every recruit is monitored during his time on the pull-up bar. If at anytime he touches the ground or the sidebars, he will not be allowed to continue. A recruit’s body cannot be used to help him over the bar. Every pull-up assisted with a leg motion or rocking will not be counted. A recruit must do at least 20 pull-ups to get a perfect score.

The running event trails the pull-ups. Either a series or company of recruits will run the timed three-mile event. Drill instructors and officers run with the recruits throughout the course to motivate them and push their abilities. To receive a perfect time on the three-mile run, a recruit must cross the finish line in 18 minutes or less.

After the run is completed, drill instructors give their recruits a minute or two to cool down before they pair up and complete the crunches. Before the crunches begin, recruits are lined up facing each other. One side will go at a time while the other recruit positions himself on his partner’s feet to anchor his legs. This will stabilize the recruit during his exercise. To complete a proper crunch, a recruit must bring his elbows or forearms to his legs and keep his bottom on the ground.

The goal is 100 crunches in two minutes. The other side will pick up where they left off as soon as an instructor blows the starting whistle.

Throughout the test, a corpsman is on sight to ensure that medical support is available and safety procedures are followed. 

“Events like these let us know where their physical condition is,” said Sgt. Carlos Mancio, G Company drill instructor.

Recruits will be given a final opportunity at the end of their training to raise their PFT score from their first phase score. Recruits are separated into groups based on their individual scores. A perfect score is 300.

A superior score is a 285 or above. First-class PFT scores range between 225 and above. A second-class PFT score starts at 205 and the third-class is between 135 and 204.

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